Monday, February 7, 2011


Family History:

Mighty Missasip
Mama's 1st driving lessons,
Splash down! with children.

Teen Summer:

Sebastian Inlet
Glistening surfer muscles,
Command attention.

Contest Entry:

Romantic surfing,
Balance of power and, force.
Gulf tumbled lovers


Carribean pulse
Courses through  aged synapses
Moonwater good-bye


Amniotic warmth
silently clarifies. Life
in fetal waters


Jenny said...

I really, really love to know more about the driving lesson.


Happy Haiku Monday.

fishy said...

My Dad decided to "teach" my mother to drive while we were on a family trip. On approach to a bridge over the Mississippi River there was a lot of loose gravel, on which the tires lost traction and skidded. Dad yelled a warning and reached over to the wheel to make corrections but we still slid off the embankment into the river.
For years there was a never ending debate on which parent was responsible for this bit of family history. Since this happened long before the standards for guard rails or seat belts I guess we were lucky to slide, not tumble, to the waters edge.

I always felt true compassion for my Mom every time Dad told this story starting with, "I feel very blessed to be the father of these fine women. Especially since their Mother drove them into the Mississippi River when they were barely more than toddlers..."

chickory said...

wow! you know, thats always been a concern of mine -crashing into water. Ive gone as far as to open the sunroof creating an escape hatch when traveling on big bridges.

all your haikus are good. Ive been to sebastian inlet. now i think fishing more than surfing. probably because i am old now and glistening muscles would run from me. grrrrehahahahaha

moi said...

Wow, that's quite a story! Today, someone would sue your parents and make some kind of law . . . I have a special tool in the car for that very scenario Chickory describes. Our arroyos during monsoon are no joke.

These are all wonderful, but I especially love Gulf Tumbled Lovers.

fishy said...

There is a long standing war between the surfers and the fishermen at Sebastian. As for the glistening muscles... that's one of God's finest art forms.

I do actually have a bit of phobia about bridges too. I always have an escape plan in case of the horrors.

Whatt is the tool for escaping and where can we get one? Absolutely surf tumbled romance is wonderful!

Aunty Belle said...



moi said...

It's called the Lifehammer: