Saturday, February 12, 2011

Haiku Monday: Tactile

This week our Troll, Master of Haiku, will be participating in the Monday competition  rather than judging. In honor of Valentine's Day  our theme is "TACTILE".  The winning haiku should be posted in the comment section below using the 5-7-5 format. Participants are encouraged to also post their entries on their own blogs, along with their visuals. Please leave an "I'm up!" with your haiku so we know you have a visual  posted.  The winner will receive the 'Badge of Great Honor'  and one of these!

A jar or deliciousness from Low Country Produce! Handmade , handpacked, family recipes in a jar.
My favorite is their  Sweet Potato Butter; the prize will be a surprise but you can preview the possibilities at

Haiku Monday: Tactile

There is no warmth in
touching cold unyielding flesh.
Yet, I am sustained.

Wishing all an inspiring holiday weekend XOXOXO


Anonymous said...

Thanks for hosting and for supplying a wonderful bonus prize.

I'm up with visuals for these and a few perverse additions.


Survival Training.
Get through barbed wire blind-folded.
Some bloody Privates.


The feel of felt felt
good to Fast Eddie Felson.
Bang! Zoom! Gleason: Great.


BBQ felt good.
Crispy, crunchy, tender, Great
American Race.

moi said...

Mmmmmm . . . great prize, Fishy. Thanks for hosting and for posting what is sure to be a very interesting theme.

Happy Haiku, V-Day, and I'M UP!

Mountain goat’s gruff wool
cut and spun to gossamer.
Cashmere’s cozy warmth.

What’s better than skin
on skin? Lux intervention:
Silk, cashmere, satin.

Sharon Rudd said...

I'm haiku-less, but mighty intrigued by your culinary prize. Off to check Low Country Produce's website . . .

Happy Valentine's Day, all!

Aunty Belle said...

Fuzzy Wuzzy was
a bear.Fuzzy Wuzzy had
no hair. He was bald.

May git somethin' up afore Haiku Monday chimes midnight. Will be back.

fishy said...

You doubled your privates!
Blowfish is a feltlover but not a hustler.
Mermaid is questionable.
Clever Que.

You and Troll are already making me realize how hard it is to judge!
Skin 2 skin, or skin on skin is all good.

I love the new graphic on your home page. Great color and as always, LOL humor. Write a haiku!
I bet your wonderful humor will shine through.

Loved hairless?
Seriously, Mermaid had a "horsey pillow" my mother made for her first birthday. She loved that thing to tatters. Hope you have time to haiku. I think we all enjoy your entries and, being a Southern Belle, you are sure to like the prize.

darkfoam said...

frostbit window panes
tongue receptors sultry hug
gurgling coffee drips

here's my haiku inspired by the moment as it happened yesterday morn'. I'm posting it on my blog tomorrow. i might have a photo .. not sure yet.

oh, and if i could pick auntie belle's fuzzy wuzzy version i would .. lol ..

i love the smooth cool feel of polished marble statues, btw.

Jenny said...

Dough stuck to fingers
hands knead life into batter
later, warm reward.

Pam said...

Red velvet blossoms
smell sweet atop spikey stems;
each rose has its thorn

Soft sleek short-haired coat
Purr of love curled up in lap
Comfort of a pet

Solid, wet and cold
Piles of white still line the streets
but the snow will melt

The death of a friend
Sharp pain; unexpected loss
the feel of grief hurts

fishy said...

Happy Valentines Day to all.

catching snowflakes on your tongue with a chaser of coffee? Wonderful!

By my count your count is perfect!
Sounds like a wonderful day with your nephew. Did you make shaped cookies? Heart shaped buns????

So sorry. It sounds like you lost a friend to swine flu. Tragic. So glad you had the spirit to play our game today. I like all of yours, maybe the third one best.

Pam said...

No, not the swine flu friend. Another one elsewhere. :(

Karl said...

Good afternoon Fishy,

Well, you have your work cut out for you.

Running on a bit of a short fuse. I only had time for 2

Depending on Viz.
Operations conducted,
Visual or tactile.

A spoon of Silver
rich yes, but not as fine as
a spoon between two.

Karl said...

@ Pam: My condolences on your loss.

fishy said...

Wishing you comfort, friends are so dear in all our lives.

Full body tactile and appropriate to the date.

It's Monday til midnight.
I'm away most of Tuesday but will post the winning haiku by Tuesday evening.

Aunty Belle said...


I'se up, An' it ain't even midnight yet. Yahooooo!

@ Pam, Sugar, I is real real sorrowful fer yore loss. It hurts.

I done had a *fling*--come see mah visual. at Ether Capacious

My Valentine

She's no warty toad
nor a hairy black widow,
but supple, sleek, soft.

An alternate (brown nosed job for a fishy)


Icy fingers thread
mucid worms on rusted hooks,
OUCH! Gigged own numb flesh.


Aunty Belle said...


listen folks, iffin' ya doan particularly care for mah Haiku,
thas' ok--but please come check out the visual-- see what I'se learnin' to do at Ether Capacious

chickory said...

glorious living:
a sun warmed coat of fur
the perfect pillow