Sunday, February 20, 2011

Haiku Monday: Perfume

Embracing sunshine
Yellow scented floral light
Amphibia  love.

Briny sea spray'd air
Perfect aphrodesiac
Salt scented courtship

 freshly mown Spring grass
perfumed air extraordinaire
checkerboard picnics 

Old Spice was my first
followed by English Leather
Man scented mem'ry

Olfactory hell
Surf brothers patchouli stench
Stupid girls kissed him. 

Bottle design by Louis
Henri presents Joy

Perfume bottle art
Soaring Lalique genius
Precious liquids both 


moi said...

You can't stick with just one because you're good at writing them! I await your decision as to which one I should judge . . . P.S. Old Spice remains a brilliant scent for a man. Love it.

Jenny said...

I love them all, but my favorite line: Olfactory hell. What an excellent combination of words.

Happy Haiku Monday!

sparringK9 said...

i thought "checkerboard picnics" was the best word illustration. and it flows very nicely. which one will you submit for judging?

Sharon Rudd said...

Love them all, Fishy!

I received a "rainwater"-scented handmade soap for my birthday from a dear friend. And it really smells like rainwater! But sadly, I am haiku-less to describe it :)

Happy Haiku Monday to all!

Anonymous said...

Very good. I thought "salt scented courtship" was the best single line.

Milk River Madman said...

"I'M OUT! I'M Out of the contest! It's that girl over there. She's gonna get you too buddy." Kramer

I mean, honestly, how can I compete with this?

moi said...

Well, we still don't know which one y'all are competing against, though. I think Fishy is too busy trying to get a bead on Blowfish for his recent declaration of olfactory . . . something . . . to pick quite yet.

Must have been the Joy. All that indolic jasmine can addle a man.

Jenny said...

Run Blowfish! Run!

Buzz Kill said...

Can fish be in heat? "Salt Scented Courtship" - I guess they can.

Nice job on the multiple entries. I like the Briney sea one the best. And don't be dissing Bodhi.

fishy said...

I do not have this dithering issue elsewhere in my life. It makes me crazy.

We had to open all the doors and windows when my brother started courting. I LOATHE patchouli.

Thank you. Still undecided but accepting advice until deadline:-)

Did you find the haiku I left for you last week? I know it's a bit early for an egg hunt but an EggE?
I love the scent of rainwater! I was given a linen spray called:
"sea island cotton"
which I adore.

Might resonate with your personal history as well as mine.

You make a funny but not too believable hysteric. Channel Sister Claire and write on!

did you trash him for me???????

Are you cheering for Blowfish?????
Hah! Mr. Boxer would be lights out.

I know you are in New Jersey but there are tropical waters. So there is heat in the water. As for dissing Bodhi, it's the stench not the hunk.

moi said...

I can't trash Blowfish, I just can't. First of all, it's a good haiku. Second of all, all the gal participants would hate me if I did.

Jenny said...

Free Blowfish!


Good decision Moi.

fishy said...

No! No! NO! that is solidarity with the wrong "gals".

Be careful! You might get his remains to scatter in the sound!

moi said...

So now that Blowfish is flopping on the dock, have you decided on a haiku :o)?

Aunty Belle said...

I detest Patchouli too, Fishy- gag, gag, gag!!

Blowfish ? throw a net over him, would'ya?

moi said...

Drop by whenever you (and Blowfish? does he live?) get a chance. I have declared a Haiku Winner. Is