Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Pilgrims Celebration

                                    Thanksgiving day bliss
                               Sights, sounds, aromas of joy
                                      United we stand

Thankfully we share
The blessings of this great land
In God we trust, still 


Pam said...

Woof! Happy turkey day to you and yours!

Aunty Belle said...

Gobble gobble, er, WOOF!

moi said...

The happiest of Thanksgivings to you, Blowfish, and Mermaid on this wonderful day. Is Blowfish getting out the pewter?

fishy said...

Woo Hoooo! You have lots to be thankful for this year :-)
Celebrate BIG!!!!!

Hope it made you WOL
(That would be Woof Out Loud)
So glad to read yore Granny is
having another Thanksgiving.
I know you is countin' the blessings!

Oh yes! The pewter serving pieces are all shined up and arrayed on the counter. The mugs are still in the selection process (too many to use them all) Flowers and mountain fetched autumn vines/branches are
occupying the deep sink awaiting
Mermaid's attentions and I am still baking cookies :-)
Blessings on your day Moi.

chickory said...

happy thanksgiving fishy! are you and blowfish and mermaid watching chitty chitty bang bang?

near far in a motor car.....

in a triptophan coma yet?
we had salmon. kinda sad.


dont worry about me though.

fishy said...

No chitty chitty bang bang!
No triptophan coma.
A blessed day, prayers answered!
I didn't burn a thing :-)

While I think it sensitive of you to not eat fowl in the presence of your flock .... you ate a FISHY??????

Jenny said...

Glad to hear your day was happy. So was mine. :-)

Karl said...

Happy Thanksgiving Fishy,

Nice to read it all your fixings turned out well. I hope you, Blowfish and Mermaid had a fine time.

Anonymous said...

Happy Thanksgiving! Did people like this Meme Type of Haiku Contest better? More work for host, but I'd be willing to change it, I guess.

fishy said...

As a tribute to the missing one,
we did a really fun combination of his introductions. A blend of Mute Monday with Hiaku Thursday
which we called, "Visual Haiku".
Mostly we limited the images to one per haiku. I really, really liked the combination :-)

fishy said...

Did you make Coco wear her Indian feathers all day? Did you make it to the Island and was there electricity??????
Thanks for the fine wishes, they worked! Our joyful family day at the Pond was a present for which we were all thankful.

Mermaid and Blowfish have declared our celebration was most successful because of their diligence in keeping the chef in fresh mimosas to prevent performance anxiety :-)