Friday, February 12, 2010

Fizzy Road Trip

Fizz is here,
A shining beauty in the sunlight!
We take to the roads today,
A multi state
get aquainted tour!
I might be back for Monday.
Maybe not. I'm spending time
with this sweet Valentine
Blowfish surprise.


Aunty Belle said...

oh my! Thas' some Fizz--do them horses come wif' it?

sparringK9 said...

what a cool car! i like the first shot - nice sunroof! i think its cool the back seat gets one. what car is this? are you going to see the mermaid? does this fizz turn into a submarine? i mean, its hard to get to mermaids.happy and safe travels!

Pam said...

Sweet! I'd love one of those full sun/moon roofs -- we had one on a rental car once and it was divine. A whole new dimension to driving! I hope it is fizzy enough for you! Enjoy enjoy!

Jenny said...

You GOT a car as a surprise? sWEET!

Massive Fizz-Machine. Have a great trip. I was going to say, stay away from snow, but I think this one be just fine in some.

Kymical Reactions said...

whaaa?!?! dang fishy. you're cooler than cool. and so's the ride.

h said...

Nice fizz-mobile. You be featured in tomorrow's Haiku Thursday.

Pam said...

Where are you? We miss you!