Friday, January 1, 2010

God Help Us!


Savannah said...

I guess their heart is in the right place but geez...

I hope you, Blowfish and Mermaid have many happy days ahead in this new decade we've just entered.

Blowfish said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
fishy said...

Hey Gypsy!
May your 2010 be D-E-L-I-G-H-T-F-U-L !
God knows we all payed plenty of "dues" in 2009.

Wish you were close enough to toast in person BUT, in an act of true generosity I volunteer to drink your Mimosa for you :-)

Pam said...

I wish you piece and luv. lololollllll

And I see Blowfish is commenting .. is he gonna start blogging too?

sparringK9 said...

what makes you think they got it wrong? i believe that boy knows what hes asking for in this new year. grrrrrrhahahahaha

fishy said...

Er ... Blowfish doesn't blog. Sometimes I get on his computer and forget to sign him out before I start commenting. He does read F2M from time to time.

And Pam...unfortunately there are those out there who believe getting a "piece" IS love.

Well there's a cheerful thought for the new year.
I guess if we are going to divide things into pieces I'll take the Cohutta. Least I will have interesting neighbors and green eggs.