Sunday, January 3, 2010

CATCH the Wave


moi said...

Goodness – I'm surprised no one has copyrighted the phrase! Happy Mute Monday and hope you catch nothing but good things in 2010!

h said...

Lots of ways to catch a wave, I see. It's a catchy slogan.

Happy Mute Monday!

Jenny said...

Bwahahahahah - I love that last photo.

Great idea and I'm wondering.... has Fishy ever caught a wave?

Happy MM!

Buzz Kill said...

Catch a wave and you're sitting on top of the world. Cowabunga Big Kahuna. Only natural that a Fishy would be hanging ten. The Beach Boys are one of my all time favorite groups.

Happy MM!

Pam said...

I swear, Buzzy and I think too much alike at times. I was TOTALLY gonna start with "Catch a Wave and you're sitting on top of the world ..." argh! Great theme and I love the images. Happy MM!

Kymical Reactions said...

I remember the "Catch the Wave...Coke" commercials! I really love the itty bitty kitty in the last one.

Happy MM Fishy!


fishy said...

Now that you bring the copyright issue up ... maybe I should do that!
Happy Monday.

Not too much wave action in Troll Bay, but you can "catch some rays" on that beautiful sugar sand.
Happy New Year.

A brother was the surfer/swimmer/diver in the family. We did spend some summers in a beach house rather than our in town house. Being the early riser of the older sibs, I was often the one to go out early to keep an eye on him and watch all the other surfers earn those six packs. Happy Monday.

Yes indeed the Beach Boys were THE sound of summer in my part of the world. These days I am hoping to be inspired to catch the wave of the future! No question the business protocols are changing like quicksand and I need to not wipe out. Happy Monday.

Soooooooo many choices with this meme it was hard for me to pick a path. I guess these teen temperatures made me long for warm sunny beaches.
Happy New Year!

Is that kitten not cute playing catch? I know it is a stretch but kitty is trying to catch the world, which is mostly oceans which has waves. Okay, a long stretch, so it's just too cute to not post :-) Happy Monday.

Unknown said...

Wouldn't I just love to be somewhere where catching a wave is possible! Great choice! Sorry it's so cold there, but you have snow boots and warm layers! I loved your bed post btw.... left a comment there too! Happy Mute Monday!

Karl said...

Good afternoon Fishy,

Better to catch the wave than to have a wave catch you.

Happy Mute Monday!

sparringK9 said...

I had no idea this slogan was so ubiquitous! fine bit of research on your part fish. and how appropriate for a pond dweller to post. but, where are the surfing porpoises? Happy MM

fishy said...

Lovely to see you, and YES! definitely sign me up for a trip to warmer waters. These teens are not my thing. No waves here and I'm not much for icy waters. Happy 1st Monday of 2010.

the blessed ones who get caught by waves and sucked out to sea, are returned to shore by catching a wave.
Hope your Monday is a good one.

I can tell you when swimming in wavey waters and along comes a dolphin, it makes the waves! It is exciting, but a tad nervousy too. And, did you know porpoises eat Fishys?

Aunty Belle said...

awesome! Very catching--who wouldna want to go surfin'??

Happy MM!

Vixen said...

Catch the Wave. Awesome. Creative. LOVE IT!

I'm late, sorry! :)

Shelly Rayedeane said...

The cat picture is cute. Lol.