Friday, January 1, 2010

THE 2010 "color of the year"

My mother will be so pleased to learn her favorite color is again at the top of the charts.
The gurus of color have declared turquoise THE color for the year because it evokes tropical seas
which is credited with reducing stress. Also for 2010 " Staying in is the new going out" is
the philosophy of choice. Making the staying in a pleasant experience is key. So look for lots of coverage on how to revamp your entire home with a pillow or transform your powder room with a reed diffuser and poster art. "Shabby Chic" has been done so now we are going to have reclamation chic, take grannys old chiffarobe and paint it lime and turquoise to go with those turquoise seas.
Some of the predicitions are:
Color is in, drab is out.
subduesd is necessary to balance the "color"
Soothing is in, but not in a boring way.
declutter but don't remove all personal statement
Glitz is in, but not tacky.
no overkill, pick your focus
Green materials are in...if you can afford them.
Costs an average of 20% more than standard materials/products.
Use "earth neutrals" to evoke "greeness " if you cannot afford the real thing.
Fake it?
Comfort over style ,
Both are essential, not optional
"Resort" decor at home.
Yes indeed! FishyDesign would love to help you achieve that goal. It will cost more to do your home than go to a resort, but it will last longer and keeping your money local is good.
For some unfathomable reason the gurus have not contacted FishyDesign for predictions.
As a 2010 present I will share the FishyDesign prediction:
"Contrast is in to reflect the current divides"
Happy New Year!


moi said...

I don't think this color has ever gone out of fashion 'round these parts. In fact, if New Mexico had an official color, it would be what those of us who work(ed) in the printing industry know as Pantone 320 Turquoise.

"Contrast is in to reflect the current divides"

Unfortunately, I'll buy that.

Happy New Year!

Pam said...

I totally LOVE that line -- Contrast is in to reflect the current divides. Very interesting philosophy.

And I have always loved turquoise and it is one of the rare colors that looks good with my skin tone. In my house, however, I think I already know where to put the turquoise pillow to brighten things up.

I have seen a show on HGTV (I think it was anyway) some time ago about how far in advance the color of the year is decided by the Powers That Be.

fishy said...

Happy New Year!
You NM folks are wise as turquoise is about the best color to counter the hot red vistas and is enhanced by the light out there. Good news is you will be able to have more choices of objects and textiles to play with.
Like turquoise dog collars.

I'd like to be incorrect on my design predictions but ...

Yep, the hot new colors are picked 10 years in advance by a worldwide council so textiles, finishes, appliances, clothing, furnishings, all have the potential to work together to generate sales for all. It's big business. Remember the turquoise
T-birds? I sure would love to have one of those now!!!!!

As for my profession, we groan outloud when we see articles or broadcasts stating you can change your life by adding a pillow. Shhheeeeessssshhhhhh,
talk about feeling superfluous!

Happy New Year, hope it is short on those divides.

Aunty Belle said...

whar' can one git that list of ten year advane color chart? I need it as MAH color ain't been round in decades--I need to protest to the big bidness color cabal

fishy said...

top sources are:
Color Marketing Group

These are professional reference/ marketing sources for the trades and thus cost money to access most of their data. Free options are individual websites for new product introductions .. often carpet and/or textile manufacturers or distributors have info available.

pam said...

Well, I was just teasing about the pillow anyway. In actual fact, I don't like pillows much for decoration. You always have to move them. To sit down. To turn down the bed. Bwah.

Buzz Kill said...

I know nothing about color and design. That's what I have the Mrs for.

Quick story. We went to my sister-in-laws for Christmas dinner. She was very proud of the fact that she just repainted her bedroom and was anxious to show it to all of us. I kid you not, she painted the whole room chocolate. Not milk chocolate but dark chocolate. I said it was very nice and quickly retreated from the room. I said I don't know much about color and design, but that waqs just wrong.

Happy NY!

sparringK9 said...

i hate when there is a declared design trend then that is all you see for a while. i remember the baby doll shirt thing. dear God it was all there was in a store. i like turquoise as a paint color - no so much to wear. i like it as a wall color actually - real deep with darker wood.

happy new year

fishy said...

Dark chocolate walls have their place, but generally speaking it requires several things to work: high ceilings, numerous light sources, lots of doors and windows with chunky scaled mouldings painted a shiny white and no dark furniture.

Too often homeowners will see a professionally photographed room
in some dramatic color and believe with all their hearts they can import that look to their own domains. More often than not the results are disappointing.

Has you Mrs. mentioned a desire for chocolate?

Yep, more control and less choice.
As Aunty pointed out, her color has been unavailable for years.You can find what you want between the trends but it is a challenge and can get very costly.

I agree with you, it was pitiful to see 50 somethings in those filmy baby doll styles. Made the entire region look like a sci-fi movie where all the senior ladies were pregnant.The horror.

yep, too pillowed is too much!

Jenny said...

That's the pantone in our company logo. Picked in 1991. Does that mean it's true? Everything old is new again? :-) It's a happy color and I'll be happy to add it into my future decluttered home. That's one of my goals this year; delete things in my house while keeping it a home.

"glitz but not tacky" That's a fine line.

More design stuff please.

Jenny said...

p.s. when I did work or the "big retailer" they would have the color trends for the next year and it was always interesting to see what the "experts" predicted.

fishy said...

Well hasn't this all turned into an interesting survey!
Moi - universal use of turquoise in her region
Pam - has always liked turquoise
K9 - likes it as a wall paint choice
Boxer - has this color in her company logo
Fishy - has this as a focal wall color in one of the vignettes in her storefront

Very interesting! The selections annually are for a dozen top choices, a dozen each of secondary and tertiary compliments of the first twelve. The selection of the turquoise as the the top color ..
is looking pretty smart to me.

And, yes indeed the right amount of glitz is a great way to spark your home contentment.

Kymical Reactions said...

I can't leave my gold and warm tones pallet.

I'd like to, but I'm scared.

I have 2 spare rooms with NO decor, because I'm an idiot when it comes to such things, and they've been that way for over a year. Scheesh! I've got issues!

Happy New Year, Fishy. I hope your twentyten is filled with many, many blessings. xo.

(come over for some fun OKC blizzard pictures. Hilarity!)

fishy said...

having just seen your blizzard post I can readily understand your reluctance to depart from a warm palette. Don't worry about those spare rooms, it's just not your current priority. Do start a visual file of rooms and/or components to which you have a strong response.
This can be done the old fashioned way via paper media or it can be an e-file. This way, when you are ready, you and your sweetie will have a starting point and there will be nothing in the collection you don't like :-)

h said...


Sound of post traveling over Troll's head. Is Turquoise considered a "blue" color?

fishy said...

Whoooosh indeed! Turquoise is considered both a blue and a green but mostly is refered to as a "cool" color.