Thursday, September 17, 2009

Where are the contestants?

Okay, my true confession is I like to watch reality TV about creative problem solving.
That includes three shows:
HGTV's Next design Star
Lifetime's Project Runway
Bravo's Top Chef

The most recent season of HGTV's Next Design Star just concluded. They selected some really rude , very obnoxious man who is NOT a designer and who absolutely has not even a flirting acquaintance with scale or proportion. I have no doubts he was moved along in the process for these reasons:
a) His "style" will not be competition or threat to any of the judges.
b) There is the potential for him to draw a new demographic to HGTV.
c) First home do it your selfers might actually relate to his skateboarding attire and his total lack of manners and overbearing ego.

I understand all of the above, but the words " design star" cannot rationally be assigned to this individual.

On Top Chef this week, the folks over at Bravo experimented with a Survivor Chefs featuring cactus as a food group, pup tents for cityfolk, in ground cooking techniques and a lot of whiners not winners. ICK, a total waste of time to watch and also disappointing because instead of normal desert food they had a bunch of cooks who think "ceviche" is cowboy grub. My most prevalent thought while watching this show was "How stupid" or " Please just shut up" or "Please pan the camera elsewhere"

I think this season does have 4 real "chefs", ATL beard, Jen and the brothers. If however they find some of the cooks are garnering better ratings, then of course the chefs will go.

I keep forgetting, it's not about the competition, it's about the ratings.

Tonight, I think, is Project Runway . Unfortunately this program has been moved to Lifetime network. The only semi-good thing about this move is fewer advertisements for strange housewives.
Last week some pseudo "suit" only 2 people on the planet would wear, won the day.
Okay. I understand they were judging on the "concept" more than the "result". In fairness I should mention they did give a nod to the fashionista who designed a viable garment and who actually executed the design flawlessly. But then the Heidi Diva found it necessary to dis her about saying the word " y'all". Wow. If she wanted to single someone out for negative attention it should have been the ass in the silver britches who hoped his "style" would buy him a pass on to the next week. Seems to have worked too.

Obviously I am disappointed in these " creative problem solving" shows I once enjoyed.
For now, I am just glad my family gave me a Wii fit gift ..... it's a lot more entertaining.


Jenny said...

I am so very sad that Antonio was picked for the next "Design Star". I read the winner online and didn't even bother to watch the final show because it was clear the real winner was not the one who will be getting their own show. AND, I saw an ad today.... "The Antonio Project" starts next week. Guess who won't be watching? ME! Bah! He's a buffoon and I have no idea why he was picked. I'm just glad I'm not alone.

fishy said...

Project Runway tonight was good! So many of the garments made from newspaper were so creative !
Definitely worth watching if you tivo.

pam said...

Antonio totally should have lost on Design Star. He was an ass. A hateful ass. The only thing they didn't like about the other guy was his so-called gay laugh. He did beautiful work and I don't understand the decision either. I will have a Project RUnway snark station up soon!

Aunty Belle said...

Aw heck, ain't these thangs all rigged anyhow?

I much preferred Fashion Trance to Project R-W, but they dumped or it lives in the cable at 437 or somewhere I ain't found it.


fishy said...

What were they thinking!!!! I heard the judges comment on Antonio's
"big on camera persona" ........ Big Jerk maybe. I won't be watching him either.

I'll be over.

I suspect you nailed the truth again. In the case of the latest Design Star .... definitely something wasn't kosher. Or fair.
Or logical. Or design. My assessment of the last challenge?
Antonio did thousands of dollars of damage to that family's home.

The Survivor Chefs episode of Top Chef? .... I'm surprised we haven't read reports of food poisoning.

If you find a location for Fashion Trance .... share the info!