Sunday, September 6, 2009

Articulate+ Accomplished+ Athletic+ Academic+ Aesthetic = Babe


Aunty Belle said...

Heh--jes' teriffic!

Hard to pick, but lemme tell ya', as a retired club level player, that tennis girl is it--that stance says it all!

Amen to the theme--A's equal Babe!

fishy said...

Hey Aunty,
I learn somethin different about you just about every week. You are a tennis babe? Good for you. Course on the blogs, especially that Back Porch of yours, we know you to be articulate ,accomplished and we can add athletic.
It's looking like you got the babe A's covered :-)

h said...

You get an "A" grade. Very good take. Ann Coulter is a little too lefty for me, but she's certainly smart!

Happy Mute MOnday!

Aunty Belle said...


NO, I'se not athletic, Fishy. I was jes' coerced by a dare. But now I knows what it takes to be a tennis babe--mor'n I got, thas' fer dern shure.

Jenny said...

I love visions of strong women and you have a great collection. Those abs on the one woman scare me. :-)

moi said...

Love this! One of my favorite quotes is from Judge Judy: "Beauty fades, dumb is forever." Happy Mute Monday and Labor Day!

fishy said...

Hey Troll,
I always did like "A's".

Boxer.... did you see that great pic of Laila Ali .... I put her in just for you :-) And yep, strong women in every since is definitely babe quality.

Haven't heard that quote from Judge Judy before ... but my Dad was fond of saying " Beauty without brains is temporary bliss".
Hope your Monday is an A+ day.

MinorityReport said...

I love your take on the theme. :)

fishy said...

not a tennis babe? That's okay by me, I kinda had you figured as a Michele Malkin type anyway.

Had fun doing this theme, the hard part was editing ! Thanks for coming, have a great Monday.

Kymical Reactions said...

I always love what you choose. This says women can do anything, and look great doing it.

Happy MM - (and I think beef can be babes too - and thats the road I took!)

Buzz Kill said...

I never thought of Women's Beach Volleyball and nuns together. I'll have to ponder that one. A lot of "A+" Babes though. I've never seen Judge Judy look that good. I'm ashamed of myself.

Happy MM!

sparringK9 said...

man oh man i will take that rock hard ab anyday! in my next life i am going to be an athlete. i think maybe the biathalon? the one where you ski and shoot. good one fishy and thanks for NOT having ComMod and WordVeri

the walking man said...

Brains Brawn and Beauty. That is wordless enough for me.

fishy said...

If my memory isn't faulty it was
uber competitive nuns who taught me to play volleyball, amongst other things :-)

I'm good with the notion of being an athlete next go round but probably not a biathlon ... too cold for these bones. Aren't these women impressive?

Walking Man,
Brains+Brawn+Beauty=Babe !

Pam said...

Love the strong women. Except I'm not convinced that Ann Coulter isn't really a man.

Vixen said...

EXCELLENT picks for Babes! Love how your portrayed it :)

Huckleberry Friend said...

A-ok except Ann Coulter...though when she started endorsing Hillary Clinton I looked up each day to see if pigs were flying! ;)