Sunday, June 28, 2009

The Year of the Mermaid


Jenny said...

1984! The year I married, so all of these images are VERY evocative of an era that was big in my life. Did you see my mute from last week? It was inspired by your recent post about finding the "sign" while gardening in your yard. I know the year your daughter was born was a huge part of your life..... I think you and I are closer in age than I realized.

Miami Vice...... Friday night. :-) Thanks for the memories and Happy Mute Monday.

h said...

Rawwwwrrrock me Amadeus! Yes, I did wear bright T-shirts under sport-coats a few times.

Happy Mute Monday!

P.S. "This one's personal, Tubbs!"

fishy said...

I went back to see your referenced post.... congratulations on the triumph of the 25! So hard to achieve in a culture which no longer supports marriage, So glad the Orwellian prognostications were not the dominant reality of Mermaid's life.

The very best things about Miami Vice were the cars and the boats!!!! Actually, Blowfish enjoyed the opening beach scenes too. I can remember a female friend who watched religiously ... she thinks this was the first time James Bondish sexiness, action, and destruction of really expensive transportation came to small screens.

moi said...

This year reminds me of soooooooo many of my fashion disasters! And the fact that the book, 1984, should never become so ubiquitous, we forget what story it tells. Happy Mute Monday!

chickory said...

your child is a crustacean? forget storks! where do babies come from? lobsters. happy mm and glad your mermaid was born.

Buzz Kill said...

I remember this year very well. I watched Miami Vice (a little) and the company I worked for got it's first IBM PC - 20 MB Hard drive with 5 1/4" Floppy drive. I also remeber Clara Peller and the Bhopal disaster , but I don't remember the mutant lobsters!

Happy MM!

fishy said...

Were you that leggy babe who could manage to look great in hankerchief hemlines? Those of us with really short legs....looked very ludicrous!

truth is .... I am glad Mermaid arrived this year by whatever delivery system available!

I loved the intro music to Miami Vice...little did I realize it would be the entree to ever more violent television.
My favorite "action" show was Magnum PI....great car, great scenery and great Thomas! I think we bought a first computer that year too, but I think it might have been a Commodore 64.

Pam said...

Oh I am all about 1984. Fun times, good times, indeed. I was single mom about town in those days! And I am assuming mermaid overcame that fearful speedo on the beach guy eventually??

Ree said...

I used that computer!

Happy Mute Monday.