Sunday, June 7, 2009



Jenny said...

wow-zer. I've seen them from the dock, but now I know why the rich and famous seem soooo happy. These are NOT fancy RV's, by any stretch.

(and I hope your flooding is over!)

h said...

You took living spaces on luxury yachts so I can't call "BLOGJYNX!".

Very nice pics.

Happy Mute Monday.

fishy said...

this ABSOLUTELY does not count as Blog Jinx! No self respecting Yatchsman would have that lawn chair raft aboard, not even in the crew quarters! Happy MM.

flooding is over but I am still exasperated. It's off to the county office for the opening bell on Monday morning to plead my case.
DEFINITELY not a floating RV!

Aunty Belle said...

yes, I IS envious---yeow!

Happy MM!

Bear said...

Well I give up...!

Every one of those pics of a boat interior, make my whole land-based house look terribly inferior.

Well done... happy MM.

sparringK9 said...

its too much. i was thinking more along the lines of a pontoon boat with a shed on it. grrrrrrherhahahaha! happy mm -very thorough, btw.

Pam said...

I'll have that one with the white piano please! When can you deliver? Surely there's a lake around here somewhere I can dock it!

fishy said...

Hey Bloggers,

"Custom" when it comes to yachts is all top of the line, from the blueprints , thru every stage of fabrication the craftsmanship is the best you can buy.

Once a year they have an International Yacht auction in the principality of Monaco. I can't get vetted to go but OMG I so admire this functional creativity.

Pam said...

Hmmm, when is that auction fishy? We might be going that direction next year ;)

MEANWHILE, what is the update on your sweet little lady in the neighborhood with the OOOOGly house?

Joanna Cake said...

LOL. I used to love looking round these at Boat Shows but can I just point out, these are NOT YACHTS!!!! Yachts have SAILS and if you try to use any of that fancy furniture and glassware, it moves around the boat every time you tack and gets broken! These are gin palaces :) Happy MM :)

fishy said...

this years Monaco International Yacht Sale is September 23-26, 2009. Do you already have someone lined up to tote the luggage for you?

On the neighborhood lady with the sad house... contractor is vacation
ing this week and next, will start improving her life upon his return.

I agree Sailing yachts are a different category. On these Motor yachts all the furniture is affixed so movement cannot happen. Did you notice the rail around some of the Galley countertops? All the bunks are built-in too.

The craftsmen who design and fabricate these floating mansions really, really, really know their stuff and stay at the top of their game or they are out!!!!!!

Kiki said...

WOW! I've never even seen houses that look this gorgeous! No wonder rich people are always on the yacht.

I'll take the one with the stainless steel kitchen.

Ree said...

I need a sugar daddy.

Ree said...

Oh, and happy mute monday.

fishy said...

Errrrrrrrrr...are you in NYNY? TRUST me there are houses, flats, duplexes, townhouses, lofts in Manhatten which could make some of these yachts look cheap!!!!!Next time they have a fundraising "showhouse" tour, is a great experience.

I don't need a sugar Daddy...but a nice client with "no budget constraints" would be a Godsend right about now.

Happy Mute Monday. Wishing I were spending this Monday on a yacht.

Kymical Reactions said...

I think I could live on any one of these and be content for the rest of my life.

Happy MM.

fishy said...

If I were to live "aboard" do you think I would have to learn how to cook seafood, or would it be ... ring the bell to place my dinner order with the chef?

Vixen said...

All of those are most def. nicer than my house. LOL


moi said...

I'm pretty much afraid of traveling on open water, but if I had to do so, I'd go this route. Assuming, of course, a major lottery win :o).

fishy said...

Hey Moi,
Did you see that 23 year old broke cowboy lottery winner? He could talk all us bloggers on a cruise. Ummmmm,
your preferred mode of travel besides snakey gladiators?

moi said...

I enjoy traveling by train the most! Also: bicycle, car, my own two feet and a heartbeat. And while I'll get on them, planes and boats scare me.

fishy said...

I like train travel too! I traveled by train in my childhood and again as an adult in parts of Alaska, also a bit in Europe.

I'm still wishing Blowfish and I had made it to Tuscany last year for the hot air balloon tour of wine country. Wake up in a villa, have an amazing breakfast, get in a hot air balloon, travel an hour or so to the next vineyard, have lunch ,a wine tour, a countryside hike, a nap, get in a hot air balloon and travel to the next villa, have cocktails and appetizers , go into the garden, pick your dinner, go into the villa and have a cooking class, eat the class results, have lots of wine, go to bed and do it all again the next morning.

More appealing to me than floating
around the oceans in a yacht. BUT!!!! sign me up to do the interior design on just one of those amazing creations!