Friday, June 12, 2009


Young Zachary from the county came to look at the flood damage on our property following the monsoon. We hiked up the back where I showed him how the run off from the "t"-streets and other properties made the way to our patch. I showed him the problems with the pipes and the swales. Then I took him along to see where the waterfalls had sprouted at the retaining wall . After that we went to viewing the mess left behind where the new river rushed by then onto where the new lakes were formed in the front yard and the jeopardy of our majestic magnolia.

Once the tour was completed Young Zachary was sweat shiny and puffing every breath.
Then he said, Mz. Fishy, this is a right nice size patch so for there to be all these water marks a week later, and these debris fields, well I am getting the notion a lot of water came calling".


After our chat he put on his orange reflective vest and the flashing yellow lights on the truck and drove around to the back. Guess he wasn't interested in another tour....or hike. He drove up and down back there for a spell then came on down the back drive to report.

"Mz. Fishy, they's several problems on properties up on those T-streets so while some sorry engineering and blocked drainage systems is part of the problem of sending the runoff to your patch, the other issue is they's some folks up yonder who looks like they did some home projects without permits causing some more problems for you"

"How do you know they didn't have permits"?, I asked.

"Well, cause they got a detached 2 car up there with no guttering and an extry wide driveway with no culvert and no diverter. We don't allow that span of asphalt without a permit and we don't give permits without run off planning so that's how I know."

I knew exactly the property he was speaking of .... y'all do too. Yep, that's the one, the family having that really terrible year. The contractor is scheduled to start next week on the process of improving that sad and dismal house.

" Zachary", I asked " What exactly happens about that"?

He allowed as how he would have to get the engineer out and they would have to put in a requisition for the corrective work to be done, etc., etc. Once the engineer has approved and requisitioned the work, then it was just waiting on our order of go.

"Zachary, what happens with those folks up the hill with the no permit 2 car and asphalt"?

" Well now, once the engineer gets a look at that right mess he will be putting in a report for notification. That lets those folks know they have so many days to correct the issue, after which the county will start fining them. Heck, they might fine them anyway cause if they didn't get permits they haven't been taxed on their property changes either".

I hung my head and said a prayer for guidance.
I certainly want that darling woman to have some peace and joy in her home. I do NOT want her improvements cancelled because of the engineers notifications. I certainly do NOT want to watch everything I have labored on and loved at the Pond to perish from the floods.

I heaved in a big breath and asked, "Zachary, bout how long does it take for all that notifying and such to happen"?
He stepped around a bit, took his ball cap off, put it back on again then looked up and said,
" Mz. Fishy. I am sure the engineer will get the ball rolling on this problem with the requisitions and all but it might be a couple a months before they do all the researching they have to do before notifying those folks up yander way. I don't mean to diappoint you, but it could be the end of the summer for they get to that part. I 'spect we can get to the county owned parts a lot quicker.

I gave Young Zachary a pat on the arm and told him well if the County got their part rolling along then certainly waiting on t'other wouldn't be an issue. For me.


chickory said...

man. i knew that was gonna happen. but what about the magnolia? will it be okay having its roots in standing water for so long? at my friends last night she had two magnolia blooms cut and in a bowl. what a heavenly flower. and a stately southern tree. so sorry about this weird water issue.

fishy said...

Hey Chickory,
As it turns out , our big magnolia did a pretty good job of protecting itself. It is one of those my mama says,
"Lays her skirts on the ground"
so those Magnolia skirts did a fine job of keeping the
majority of the water out by the drip line and away from the trunk.

Aunty Belle said...

Whew! Near miss...I wanna see little ole lady git her house fixed up afore the county snarls up the plans.

fishy said...

Hey there Belle,
I had quite the clutch when Young Zachary was telling about the notifications. Way things are looking today, the improvements will be completed before the county notifications get sent. Whew! indeed!

Jenny said...

my head hurts for you.

fishy said...

Thank You Boxer!
What were the odds?

Pam said...

OOOoh, now wouldn't it be IRONIC if Mr. Self-Righteous preacherman did something against the law and the rules, like build a building without proper permits????? ahem ahem cough cough

fishy said...

Hi Pam,
I think you nailed it! I too suspect he is one of those "the rules don't apply to me " people.