Thursday, April 23, 2009

Running on Empty!

Sorry I missed Mute Monday.
Just as well.
I find myself outraged by so many things these days it would be hard to choose the primary source!

Blowfish and I went away for a long birthday weekend. His, not mine. We went back up to Mermaid's location where spring is making a comeback ..... greener than green pastures, redbuds and dogwoods in bloom, massive tulips everywhere and smiles on most faces.
We had a great time.
Well except for the part about getting electrocuted in my hotel room.

The thing I found most interesting on this trip?
The HUGE amount of construction going on. Seems like every other place I have traveled to in the past year, the construction folks are not working. There we saw residential, commercial, retail, professional and recreational projects all under construction. It gave me some hope. Course I also read about a huge proposed project downtown where a grand new multi-use center was planned....seems they lost their primary investor who died without a will filed so this project is in limbo .... leaving a giant hole in the ground in the midst of the historic downtown district. Lots of letters to the editor about that!

I Probably saw more than the ususal amoount of real estate for sale but really restaurants, hotels, retail ... everybody was booming! I sure didn't see any souls around holding signs saying,
" will work for food".

So now I am back, trying to do the catching up at work, having a bit of trouble getting all my ducks to line up but it's the price you pay for going away!

Cruel man update:
the contractor and I made the trip to Chez Ugly the day before my little get away .... Mrs. was hopeful. Preacherman was cantankerous, argumentative and one time too many said,
" it is just ridiculous to spend money on fixing up a house for one foolish old woman on her way to the next place".
My mouth was too quick for my brain cause in a flash I was hearing my ownself say,
" Well preacherman, maybe it's about your salvation before you go to the next place"?
I knew when I heard it, I shouldnt have parted those lips .... then the sound of the Mrs. laughing spontaneously made me feel a whole lot better. I hope those stand up sons are still standing cause the preacherman was powerfully put out with his "boys interfering with his decision making".


Pam said...

Oh yes, that man needs some redemption. Maybe you should remind him that he RAN OVER HIS WIFE WITH HIS CAR and therefore he might need some good God Karma heading his way. I mean, really, how do you make up for THAT???

fishy said...

Right on Pam!
When we left there the contractor looked at me and asked ,
"Did I really hear that man say it was HER fault HE ran over her"?
Then he said,
" Did you hear him say right in front of her she was a foolish old woman"?
His next, quietly spoken question was,
" Does she drive"?

Okay, that IS a sinful thought but who among us are not yearning for a little payback?

Aunty Belle said...

Reckon I need to move to Hooverville or whar'ever y'all was whar thangs was boomin'.

Felicitations to Blowfish

Jenny said...

bwahahahahaahahah. GREAT thing to say, Fishy. Excellent. "Chez Ugly" is also a good term. They (she) is so lucky you're willing to take on the project.... and the house.

I hope your weekend is productive as you settle back into your home life. I do love to travel, but sometimes I need a "vacation" from taking a vacation.

moi said...

Rate he's going, Ugly Man is going to have to do some pretty fast talking to earn himself a spot in the hereafter, because I don't think St. Peter takes bribes. I for one, however, am hoping he at least takes a plate of chocolate chip cookies.

Dani said...

You go Fishy!!
I'm glad you said something!

Aunty Belle said...

Get Ugly Man to read REVELATION (short story) by Flannery O'Connor.

fishy said...

Thanks much for the continuing support. I know it sounds ridiculous but it is so hard for me to be in his presence . I have to rush home to get in a hot shower and scream all the things I want to say to him but cannot.

Aunty B,
Maybe I will mail him a copy of Flannery's wisdom.
That man can use some before he travels on to the next place. I'd like to believe he has been a good and kind man of God most of his life but it is a struggle to do so. I came home after one trip over there and started speaking my wrath before the screened door slapped shut. Poor Blowfish was trying to watch the news when I started yelling,
" What kind of man can spend 40 years as a preacher, conducting weddings where he guides a man and a woman thru VOWS to love, honor, cherish each other above all others and practice not a damn bit of it in his own marriage?"
Wise old Blowfish did not answer!

WOW! if you bake chocolate chip cookies heavenly enough to sway St Peter you really MUST mail me some pronto!

Thank You! I actually do need encouragement to deal with this man. I keep trying to remind myself he too has had a terrible year and that it is likely to have changed his behaviors. Then he opens his mouth and talks about his Mrs. in her presence and in her hearing as if she is less relevant than the refrigerator and I lose my compassion!