Sunday, April 26, 2009

Luxury Cleaning


moi said...

Luxury indeed! For years, S.B. and I lived in a house without a tub. So whenever we went on vacation, our numero uno priority was access to a sunken tub with turbo jets!

Jenny said...

Hot tubs, hot baths, hot water. AHHHHHHHH. I'd love to spend some time within a Turkish Bath, as long as I was alone. Bathing with strangers? **shudder** :-)

What a great idea, not " perfectly ordinary" at all. Just perfect. I love the images.

Happy MM!

fishy said...

Moi, Boxer,
I actualy had the opportunity a few years back to spend some time in Turkey and I enjoyed the Turkish Baths!
And....nope! I do not bathe with strangers.
However, most of the starred hotels have in-suite Turkish Baths, jets, steam, heated textured floors for massaging tired tourist feets.
Just delightful.
the heavenly architecture and mosaics in the ancient Turkish Baths are just breathtaking.

Our house here at the Pond is old, built in the 1940's and while it does have 4.5 baths which is awesome for that era none come even close to being "luxury".

Pam said...


h said...

You forgot to say I'm up at MM headquarters. Great visuals, interesting choice.


AL (the inventer) GORE said...

I invented Turkic, Russian and Icelandic bath houses.

sparringK9 said...

what a cool take on a potentially boring MM!! lovely. happy MM!

Buzz Kill said...

Joey, have you ever been in a Turkish prison? I mean bath.

Happy MM!

fishy said...

Apologies! I actually thought I left a comment on your posting last evening but I guess I forgot to complete the task.

Al (the egomaniacal liar) Gore,
Very, very doubtful ... you aren't that many centuries old. But you are old and ugly.

"potentially boring" ..... I was sure the idea was to bypass all the boring takes on the theme?

Definitely a divine experience; made me wish I had a Turkish bath at home. Especially one like the cartoon where the women go in round and come out slim! Maybe Al Gore will invent the magic slenderizing Turkish Bath, which will of course be eco-sensitive.

Aunty Belle said...

Fishy--of course!! A fish would want a bath themed clean--really cleavah!

Happy MM!