Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Honoring Requests

Recently a friend and I were having a chat about my childhood sweetheart. I asked if my friend had  ever read my blog post about him.  Friend had missed that posting and asked that I re-post it. There probably is a blogger way to re-post but ... it is not yet 7am .............
Post title is "Cracker's Past" original posting date  is 11/16/08


Aunty Belle said...

Fishy, ya can change yore archove methods...not sure how, to make it easy to git back.

here is long link to the back posts of FISHY:


Then scroll to the title Cracker's PAst.

BTW, ya been bloggin' more'n six months!! Hooray for you!! Ya look like a pro, too.

Jenny said...

You can go into your original post and under "Post Option" change the date to today and then hit publish.

But I don't mind searching for a good post.


h said...

Found it. We need updates on the "Carolina Dogs" story too. I liked that one better.

fishy said...

Thanks belle, will try that.
Boxer, no "Post option"
Troll, you find dogs more interesting than crackers?

Aunty Belle said...

go to the old post and copy it, then paste it into a "new post" and republish it.

Anonymous said...

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