Friday, March 6, 2009

Read This

please read this article:
or just type Charles Krauthammer in your search engine and read today's article.
Obama is stealing our country.


boneman said...

in the middle of his little 'rant' is this:
"Amazing. As an explanation of our current economic difficulties, this is total fantasy."
Take it as gospel. And the fact is, he speaks to a mirror.

A whole lot of white people are scared stupid, but, tyhe simple fact is, this is what a whole lot of Democrats were crying about for the last three years of Bush junior's run in office.
The guy was running us into the ground!
All the while the Bush junior stocks were paying BIG, he ran us into the ground without one word of what it was costing.

The guy in there now? The first thing he stated he was going to do?

And, oh how the stuff has hit the fan.
Not just Republican transparency, but, Democrats, too. Sure, they're scrambling around now trying to cover their hind ends, but, even so, it is going to all come out.
Yes mam!
And that 'pork' bill you hear so much about?
There still isn't any way I can see everything because everything isn't out in the open, but, at last count, the Republicans were winning in the 'most spending' category.
You don't have to take my word for it, and considering that guys rantings, I would suggest not taking his word for it, either.

Don't take ANYBODY'S word for it, go look yourself.
Type in 'appropriations bill/ to September 2009' and read it yourself.

They're just doing the same ol' thing.
Dems did it, now Reps are doing it.
The louder they yell, they think there will be more listeners, but, if you take the time to read it, you'll find it's not bad.

There were a lot of cuts made to it, and there will (hopefully) be more cuts, but, the rants?

Just a lot of "look at me! look at me!"

fishy said...

I agree both parties have been grossly irresponsible. However, I am NOT in favor of America becoming a Socialist nation, nor a
European style , so called Socialist Democracy. I don't give a fooey what party affiliation is attached .... I simply believe this to be the wrong path for my country.I frankly am to the point of wishing there was still public flogging ... which I think would be a just punishment for those who are fleecing my country under the label of "transparency". A wolf can shround himself in sheep attire but he is still a vicious predator.

boneman said...

well, yeah, but, he's gone, now.

Anonymous said...

That Bonehead has his cranium in his posterior. Bud, what part of this is too clear for you to see?

" What's going on? "You never want a serious crisis to go to waste," said Chief of Staff Rahm Emanuel. "This crisis provides the opportunity for us to do things that you could not do before."

Things. Now we know what they are. The markets' recent precipitous decline is a reaction not just to the absence of any plausible bank rescue plan, but also to the suspicion that Obama sees the continuing financial crisis as usefully creating the psychological conditions -- the sense of crisis bordering on fear-itself panic -- for enacting his "Big Bang" agenda to federalize and/or socialize health care, education and energy, the commanding heights of post-industrial society.

Clever politics, but intellectually dishonest to the core. Health, education and energy -- worthy and weighty as they may be -- are not the cause of our financial collapse. And they are not the cure. The fraudulent claim that they are both cause and cure is the rhetorical device by which an ambitious president intends to enact the most radical agenda of social transformation seen in our lifetime."

boneman said...

well, gosh, "intellectually dishonest?" anonymous....
Compared to what?
Blatantly dishonest?

The fact is no one thing is causing what has happened, anon.
Although I can't help but to notice that white America is stringing up a rope and pointing their fingers at a man who has had a little better than a month in office.

Do tell us, though.
Are you saying that (flying in the face of American Freedom) is this terrible person ready to give free health care to children and THAT's going to make us a socialist state?

If America fell that easily, then it deservesto be a socialist state.

But it won't, because of vets like me.

'Course, nine years ago, I wouldn't have thought that a few men with nothing more than a personal agenda could drag us into a war, either. Guess I was wrong about that.

(So? Have you talked to a recruiter, yet?)

boneman said...

you know,
this bothered me all night.

I keep respect for other's opinions high on my principles list. Heck, I can converse and have discussions or debates with most folks without ever once leaning back on denigrating another person, with only a few exceptions.
bin laden, say.
Or Bush junior.

You might be able to tell I have a real low opinion of President Reagan, but, I'll even dredge up some respect for him because he thought he was doing the right thing.

Whatever. Off politics, though, I can't think of anyone on the sidebar that I would stoop so low as to open with a derogatory statement.
Don't know who 'anonymous' is, but, I've a guess.
Might not be, though, so, there's the rub.

I'm also easy.
You can ask and I won't even wander by.
I was enjoying the respite from my own long hard Winter, which, though warmer, now, seems fraught with a bit of troubles and woes.

But, overall, my thought is we all need a calming influence, and for that, at your request, I won't bother you anymore.
Fair enough?

The turtle only wins the race because he is slow and steady toward his goal. Calm could be another description.

boneman said...

(ps, even if you say "go" but then later ask if I'll take some stuff to the 'Mermaid'? Still would)

(oh, I'm still gonna wear the mask and tell her to grab the stuff, I'm out'a there)

(just too old, see?)

fishy said...

Hello Boneman and Anon,
I think one of the benefits of a blog post is the sharing of opinions...and no I do not agree or disagree with them all.

I get that there are many who were originally pro W who ultimately became severely no W... and with reasons. He was not an all bad nor an all good president.

In the case of Obama ... not my choice ... but he is the president of this country. For now.

What I AM, is pro America! There has never been another period within my lifetime where I felt my country was so severely threatened. It is not really tied to the current economic turmoil, although this too is frightening.

For me, the very foundations of this country are at stake and I do find the current administration is
deceitful at a level far greater than any I have ever observed.
I do not like it.
But if I do in fact believe in the freedoms America was founded upon then certainly I would not deprive others of offering their viewpoints, on this blog, as long as he/she is not a skank.

Anonymous said...

That bonefish missed the news: Obama chomps down on $100 per pound steak during working session to find a cabinet cur that isn't a tax cheat. Now you're talking "hope."

fishy said...

I heard on FoxNews last evening in the Obama spending bill ... there is greater Heathcare funding for OUTSIDE the US than for US citizens who will be footing the bill.

Maybe we should call him Obama Copperfield...his sleight of hand is all showmanship and no veracity.

fishy said...


You said " a whole lot of white people are scared stupid",
My thoughts are a whole lot of THINKING people are disconcerted by the first 50 days of damage in this new administration. Black people, yellow people, brown people, pink people are unhappy with the distance between what is said and what is done.

"Black" or "White" is a non-issue. Obama's skin tones might speak to his multi-racial heritage, but culturally Obama is anything but a typical blackman .
I do not care one bit about Obama's DNA package.
I do indeed care about the socialist in the White House enacting his agenda on my country.

boneman said...

well, first, I'm sorry that "anonymous" has decided that this is a good place to dis me.

And, I'm also sorry for almost getting in an argument on your blog with him.

As for the 'bad news' that seems to be flooding the airwyas...and FOX in particular, well, it's looking at the Glass is half Empty side of the argument.

I mean, it does sound bad, doesn't it?
*5 unemployment
Almost 8% of homes being foreclosed on.
Nobody buying new homes OR cars. People moving out of their destitute neighborhoods....

But, wait.
92% still employed!
Hey...that sounds good, already.
92% homeowners still making their mortgages!
Even better.
80% of folks think their neighborhood is just fine and are always making headway towards making them better (crime watch programs, getting kids and hoods off the streets, etc.)

Now, it IS true folks are not buying cars as fast as they were, and that in itself has two major reasons.
#1 credit IS getting harder to get for people who are deadbeats, and that is GREAT news!
#2 Most folks know me as the guy who disses all three major car manufactureres in the States. And I still do. Those clowns knew this day was coming for DECADES (I'm not yelling...I'm just that mad at them) and yet, the vehicles being made that get 150 MPG or better are being built in Europe and Asia.
Perhaps folks are jus plain tired of buying the gas guzzlers?

And, as an ex-construction worker I can tell you that the modern housing of today also lacks in reality. Those places could have been built in the 1600s (save for plumbing and electricity) and, again, credit is harder for freeloaders to get.

So, people who worked in the construction field or the manufacturing fields are now either struggling or have lost the race altogether.
(Workers, now....I refuse to start up on deadbeats. I don't like people who don't pull their own weight SOMEHOW)
But for those who were working but fell victim to stupidity, heck. I'm for letting them off the hook till they can get caught up. Till the stupid big three get off their lazy heinies and start retooling for the present and future instead of where they think they can reap the greatest profit.

Now, your conversation originally started on Socialism.
But, I notice that anon is now thinking that this is a good way to go (else, why complain about what President Obama is eating?)
It could be that I do believe a bit of socialism is called for.
In my wandering through reality I found that one million dollars equals a postion at $50000 for twenty years.
So, Gates and Buffet together are worth over $100 billion dollars.
(that's one hundred thousand positions for twenty years @ $50000)
There are over 400 Billionaires in the states, and over half of them earn closer to ten to twenty billion dollars a year.
(a billion is a thousand positions at $50000 for twenty years)

Exxon's last quarter (net) profit was 14.4 billion dollars (one quarter)
(14000 jobs, twenty years)

so...yes, it's true.
I don't see any problem with capping some of those 'fat cats' and I don't care if its an individual or a company.
My thought on the matter is if all these amounts were added up, there would be WAY more positions for the next twenty years, and at way more than $50000, too.

(Dang, I've gone and gotten 'windy' again. You'de think I would come out with some derogatory comment, too, wouldn't you?)
HA! No way!

I came over to say, Don't forget this is Daylight Savings Day. Be sure to save a day for your self.

My avatar is the day I'm saving.
It was a beautiful day, indeed.

Anonymous said...

i decided to drop out. my game plan is to be as independent of the structure as possible. i havent watched or read news in 5 days. my neck feels better. i laid in the warm sun in the middle of the field with my dog and one hen. i cant do anything about what these thieves are doing other than what i have already done which is to write to my reps only to find my senator loaded up pork for georgia in the bill. he still doesnt get it. no more pointless exercises. i might go to the tax day tea party and take some photos.