Friday, March 13, 2009



Kymical Reactions said...

Fishy - again with the beautiful, breath taking images! What I wouldn't give to be in any one of those places. Are they local to you?

fishy said...

Most are regional to the SE USA but Winterthur is in there ( do you get their catalog?) as are public parks in Boston and Seattle for bloggers afar.

Most of the gardens are land grant parks or at private homes like Monticello, Biltmore, Leu, ABG, Bellengrath and Brookgreen. Some are just basic scenery of the South in Spring time in cities like mine, or Charleston,Mobile Savannah, Old Orlando, before Disney!, although I did put in one Epcot photo for the annual garden festival.

If you have never traveled to see the deep South during the zenith of Spring you are truly missing something awesome! I am one who is constantly admiring of the Creator's work, this is a beautiful planet he gave us.

However, the deep South is some of His finest work. To my way of thinking, the cornerstonc of true Southern culture is the beauty and righness of the region. Here the folks are united to their patch.(of land)
Here we quite frequently fall in love with our big generous animal nurturing, shade providing, amazingly beautiful ginormous trees.(Yep, even some of our trees have names and parks in their honor).
I honestly do live in a part of the world where it is legal to shoot someone on your land for messing with you tree or God forbid your hunting dog, and sometimes your wife too.

This region spawns great art from the soul, in images, poetry,plays, books, songs, sculpture and some would say our regional foods are nothing short of art.

It is no wonder I am yearning for Spring. It is a simple case of missing someone/ something you love dearly and have not seen in awhile.

boneman said...

Well, Spring will be here in just a little while.
And it will bring you flowers to be blessed by your smile.
And they won't scream loud when you cut them
And bring them inside to the den...
But they'de rather leave lost pieces outside, and not strewn on the tile.

boneman said...

(oddly enough, or is it because i think I'm funny?
I keep waiting for giant feet to step up to the Epcot Center, yell "FORE!" and
WHIFF overhead of it, throw the club into the ocean, and grumble and mumble as they walk away.....and it's always Goofy, just like on the cartoon!

Jenny said...

you'd never survive in the PNW, Dear Fishy. We get Spring in June, Summer in August and the rest of the year? rain, rain, rain.

These photos are beautiful and hope you get your wish for a speedy Spring!

fishy said...

3) Jefferson's home , Monticello
4) Brookgreen Gardens
8) I forgot where this one is!
9) The Azalea Walk outside Charleston

There IS an Epcot picture of Goofy playing Golf in this same location ... maybe you have actually seen it. I had to search for a picture without any Disney characters included.

Spring should arrive at the Pond within a month .... so I pray!

a June Spring and an August Summer?
I would definitely need a punching bag, some sweet pups for company , a supportive blogger community and lots of creative projects to keep me sane!

But.. Boxer ... with all that rain isn't your PNW really, really, green and lush? I thought your city looked beautiful in the various bloggerfest summit photos.

Have you been to the Japanese garden shown on this post ... it is in Seattle.

boneman said...

Ol' President Thomas Jefferson is my favorite president! He not only designed that place, but also oversaw its construction (except for the time he was drawn away) and, he's one of the few presidents we have that not only admitted to smoking marijuana, but also applauded the fact that it wasn't as addictive, or as messy, as tobacco smokers.
I've been there three times as a kid, and one day will see it as an adult.
As for Epcot?
I wish.
It wasn't up when i lived in Florida. But, I did see the cartoon!
And, I DID see the walk in person, too.
Charleston in the Spring is like walking into a color world! A myriad of reds and violets and yellows! Again, only as a child, but, the flowers are so overwhelming, one can't help but to notice.
Well, until I got to the Fort, that is. Then it was all over!
And the beaches! With crabs running every which way, just begging lil kids like me to run, chase, and never catch them!

Oh, for sure. Folks in the South have a foot up on us up here in Indiana!

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

My apologies for that last comment Fishy...I have a little gremlin in my computer that sometimes likes to throw up old comments I've written for other's very embarrassing.

Anyway...I just wanted to say how beautiful those pics are. I'm a huge fan of spring and all things pretty. In fact one of those images has even inspired me to write a story.

h said...

I've seen the ones in Charleston and at the Biltmore. Don't really get Spring flowering explosions in Troll County anymore.

fishy said...

Where have you been? Nice for you to visit the Pond. Are your Aussie Springs beautiful? I am very sure they are different from those in my region, but I have found every area has it's blessings and beauty. Post pics of an Aussie Spring sometime won't you ... I need an online education!

Chef Troll,
No Spring? Horrors! On the other hand, I would love to have followed your "come on down!" post, because I am none to fond of Winter here, too gray for my soul. Did I tell you I am going to Keenland in April, I should be able to have Spring here then enjoy it again while I'm in Kentucky.