Monday, February 16, 2009



Gypsy said...

I second the motion Fishy. Mother Nature can be fearsome when mistreated and as gentle as a newborn lamb when nurtured.

K9 said...

i plan to in a very real way, and very soon. happy MM fishy!

pamokc said...

The true Earth Mother! Happy MM.

kmwthay said...

I wish everyone loved mother earth they way she deserves to be loved. Great chioice for MM. Have a good one.

Boxer said...

a picture of Earth never ceases to take my breath away. So beautiful. Happy Mute Monday.

The Java Junkie said...

Perfect message, Fishy. We'd all better start loving and nurturing her soon, or she'll be forced to shrug us off and start anew. Happy MM.

moi said...

Can you believe it? We actually LIVE in outer space. Never fails to amaze me. Great choice. Happy, happy!

boneman said...

love the creation with all our heart, soul, and mind...
Help others as best you can.
Sounds like a great way to start a week!

fishy said...

here's hoping your part of Mother Earth, recently set aflame, will recover with beauty.

Real is good!

Love her well!

welcome to the Pond and MM, I share your wish.

It is beautiful and so very worthy of love :-)

Thank you! Wise statement, all love must be nurtured or it becomes a shrug off.

Fishy loves the BIG POND in space!

Great way to live your life

Aunty Belle said... the real sense, yes--love and care for yore patch of earth--

but beware of the BIG Bureaucrats --in the name of saving the earth they are causing more harm than good--sorry fer the rant.

HAppy MM!

CHEF TROLL said...

We need to be good stewards, for sure. Happy Mute Monday!