Saturday, February 21, 2009

Assignment " F "

Chef Troll has assigned me a meme:
List my top ten favorite things begining with the letter "F".
If you also would like to participate in this go around leave a comment and I will assign you a letter; come back to the Pond and let me know when you've completed your meme.

I don't know how I could navigate this world sans faith! Faith multiplies my joy in the good times and soothes my weary soul in the tough times.

2) Family, Friends, Fellowship:
I love my family enormously much, they are as the song says, the wind beneath my wings. Some friends are as second families to me which is so important as my dearest loves are scattered across the region and I do not get to hug them often enough. Fellowship to a common purpose is, I think, a sustaining reinforcement to our regular lives. The sense of common purpose and good will, to be a part of something other than things at your own Pond, is a give and receive equation hard to equal in the broader world.

3) Farms,
I love farms of all types, little hobby farms, big enterprise farms, modest heritage farms. I like berry farms, vegetable farms, cattle farms, horse farms, tree farms, flower farms .... I'm not too keen on FishFarms but I understand their importance to research. Farms are our food sources and are, I think, our future ...if we can keep the UN out of Americas farming lands.

Glad to not be living in an era before mankind "discovered" fire. I like my food , garnered from all types of farms, mostly cooked. I like the cozy, crackling comfort of my fireplace, I like being warm in a cold climate . I like sharing the particular comraderie that comes when friends and family are gathered around a bonfire, camfire, firepit...for storytelling, foods on sticks, and s'mores on a clear, starry night.

5) Funds,
Here is a sentiment I have shared often, so much so Mermaid does a perfect sattire of me delivering this comment,
" Funds ( money) in and of itself are not important and should not be your primary measuring stick for success, accomplishments, or character. The absence of funds is a critically important financial issue because such an absence is a grave threat to your well being " !

Another essential! I love water! Obviously fluids of all sorts are a significant part of our daily lives. Fluids, sustain life on this planet. We use fluids to nurture our faith thru baptism. We enjoy our friends and families thru all the water related activities. We bathe in fluids and use fluids to keep our selves in a fine hygenic state . Fluids run our transportations and fluids clean our homes and posessions, fluids generate economic growth and in many cases, fluids save lives, and create life . 'Fluids' is a huge category, so I will let you identify the ones most relevant for/ to you.

7) Fabrics!
I love fabrics for so many reasons. Fabrics protect and comfort as shoes, clothing, bedding, swaddling. Fabrics, as flags, inspire patriotism. Fabrics are amazing art forms! Fabrics are functional component of our daily lives. Beautiful fabrics, as selected by interior designers, can create a mood within a room to evoke virtually every emotion. Fabrics from filmy wispy illusions to stout flannels can make a female feel, well feminine or frumpy. Fabrics are a recurring blessing in our every day lives with benefits far too numerous to mention here.

Foundations to me are more than structural supports for all our edifices. Although, let me be quick to mention a secure foundation is important to every building . More important are the foundations of religions, foundations of governments, foundations of constitutions and laws , foundations of character and morals weave the fabric of our cultures. Again, a huge category!

Flight or fight is an essential factor of our autonomic nervous systems...
the very foundation of our survival instincts. Flight from things bad, saves species of all levels. Flight by kite is a passage of youth. Flight by bungie is a passage of foolishness. Flight to reach a loved one can mean having that one last moment. Most of us hope our final flight will be upward to Heaven.
May we all be so blessed!

10) Fiction
I love a good story. Fiction has taught mankind so many lessons. Who among us have not experienced change from the pages of a good book? Who among us has not benefitted from the shared thoughts of others. We have all experienced a full range of emotions in response to things we have read! The fiction of our childhoods become part of our foundations...who among us did not develop beliefs of right or wrong from Aesop's Fables? Fiction of old informs us of cultures past while current fiction prepares us for cultures of the future. Fiction is sometimes escapism from a reality too hard to live in full time and fiction explores so many "what ifs" for us. Fiction is a favorite staple in the lives of millions. Fiction is an in depth conversation with a person we will never know but will often understand, or appreciate, or hate , or love. Fiction is powerful!


h said...

These were excellent. Makes the reader think.

fishy said...

Thanks Troll! Fun game.

boneman said...

Not only was it cool, but, there are things we have in common.
I live on a farm and my name is Berry, so, that would make this a 'berryfarm'?

ok, stretching at a bit, there.
But, I like fabrics, too. Always trying to find something else to paint on. Well, besides myself, that is.

Of course, there are disagreements, too.
Man discovered fire like the Europeans discovered America.
...and funds?
the absence of funds, critical?
When the absence of funds becomes 'critical' then due attention was not being paid to the funds holder. This is also the same arguement that thieves use when robbing folks. ("well, I needed the money to feed my family") ('course, I'm not a total hardliner on that one. If there's a need, there are also supplies somewhere)

But then the fluids? Traded off pop for apple juice back last fall. Best move i made in a long time! Foundations? Heck, I was an insulator for near a quarter century, so, yeah. I've seen whole houses that LOOKED real good from the outside getting ready to drop for bad foundations.

And fiction?!
Dang! You must be my long lost sister!
I LOVE fiction! (well, a lot of it, anyway)

Kymical Reactions said...

Fishy - great MEME. I have to concur with you on #1, 2 and 8.
You are a very interesting little fish, and I very much enjoy reading your posts.

Thanks for playing and keeping this MEME going! You can check out mine if you like. I had "T".


fishy said...

Hey Berry Farm you grow berries on your farm? On fire, I think I did put the "discovered " in quotes....maybe I shoud have said man learned to utilize fire.

I am sure the victims of Madoff are not feeling like they dropped the ball, I expect they think ol Bernie made off with their goods...the absence of which is likely critical to them.

Glad you agree with some of my

Welcome to the Pond...did you start this meme? It is fun and made me think a bit. Glad you liked the posting, now I'm coming over to your blog to check out the "T" notes.

Aunty Belle said...

Fabulous Fs Fishy!

Hope ter sit around a fire wif' ya someday trading fiction...heh.

fishy said...

Aunty Belle,
love to fiction by the fire with you anyday!

The Java Junkie said...

Great stuff, Fishy!

Dani said...

Love your F's Fishy!

Aunty Belle said...

Huh? Whar's yore MM on history??

Anonymous said...