Monday, February 23, 2009

A Beginning to End History


Jenny said...

Wonderful! Great storytelling and I LOVE the sculpture at the end. That's giving me an idea of something I can make.....

Happy MM!

Aunty Belle said...

amazin'!! Oooh Fishy, this is a delight---youse a fun fish!

h said...

Magnificent! Great history idea.

Happy Mute Monday!

Dani said...

I love this!

boneman said...

Dang! That was so cool!
I just had to make that big tree (after the one with the deck) a wallpaper!


fishy said...

Thanks. I too love the sculpture at the end, for it's own beauty and because it is such a good use of a fallen tree. There is a huge range of driftwood sculpture out there especially around the Gulf coast because so many trees were lost in Katrina. If you want more inspiration just type "driftwood sculpture" into your search engine and prepare to be impressed!

Aunty Belle,
I like a tree impressive enough to be given a name. They's got Live Oaks documented to be 500 years old!!!! One of them mature Live Oaks is called "The Seven Sisters", can you guess which one?

You are the influence for this posting. Back when you did your "Come On Down" post I got to pining for my old Pond. I taped up a picture of my favorite tree from the Cherokee hood. Soooo,
glad you like what you inspired.
God only knows what will be the stimulus for next weeks post! A Fishy's brain is a hard thing to catch in a net.

One of those uber fabulous driftwood sculptures might look pretty darn good in your beautiful garden. I have fantasies of going on a trip to lug home pounds of scavenged driftwood with which I will create....fishies!

The Java Junkie said...

Lovely take on history! Happy MM!

Kymical Reactions said...

Fishy -
This is BEAUTIFUL! Where is this? I feel like my life would not be complete without seeing this in person!
Happy MM.

fishy said...

Boneman....does your new avatar mean you find yourself a treat?
Glad you liked the tree enough to be wallpaper on your deskktop. It is beautiful isn't it?

thanks .... glad you likey.

KMW... It's worth a road trip!
the Live oak tree known as the Seven Sisters is estimated to be 1500 years old ....and may it NEVER become a driftwood sculpture.
Location is Mandeville, Louisianna.
Lots of info on this tree, just type in "Seven Sisters Live Oak Tree" in your search engine and ...voila! the info will flow your way. Enjoy.

boneman said...

I occasionally change avatars for fun. Like the other day there was a real cool dog face on an avatar and I went back and put the dogbone on.

I also! The deer made of, what? scrap wood fallen from trees?

THAT took some doing, no doubt!

Bear said...

What a great take Fishy... excellent job.

Have a gnarly MM.

Helene said...

lovely photos. I spent the last 2 years in FL where they love their Live Oaks. I had several on my property and frankly they were a mess to deal with! I love their branching... but they were just too big for the yard.

I moved to Philly and have a lovely (and equally as large) Copper Beech on my property. At least it is well located on the site though! =]


sparringK9 said...

i'll take that buck! awesome. boxer could build that -shes got the driftwood for it! happy MM on ash wed.

Jenny said...

I came back to "steal" the picture of the driftwood photo.

boneman said...

you added more trees? Cool!
and, yes. Another avatar.

/t had a post up about strawberry blondes, so...I grabbed my strawberryshortcake cow and went over.

Thought you'de like to see it, too.


Anonymous said...

what about the princess rooms?

fishy said...

Don't despair in your cardboard box...I am trying to learn some technology so I can post the designs. I think I have rounded up one of Mermaids old school buddies who is a techno guru but speaks a tongue I
can understand.