Monday, December 15, 2008


Bear said...

This is a great set of pics... although I can't quite figure out what the word in pic 2 is supposed to be.

Well done and happy MM.

Karen said...

Hey Fishy
I absolutely LOVE that aerial shot (3rd from bottom) and the 2nd from bottom pic as well. It's such a vast and frightening looking landscape I think but beautiful.

Happy MM.

h said...

Really cool pics of a really hot place. Can't tell what the hippies are spelling though.

Happy Mute Monday!

fishy said...

Nice of you to visit the Pond.
I struggled with the word as well, on the tag line for the photo it said "Sahara" so ultimately I decided it was spelled in some language other than English .

Gypsy, I like those two photos but my favorites are the three small images above and below the sunset photo...I just could not get them to enlarge on the blog, they are
very breathtaking photos in the large! I also agree ... very beautiful in a terrifying sort of way!

Troll, so sage...very hot and cold!

Jenny said...

It's soooo cold here today.. I'd love to put my feet into that warm sand. Great pictures. I think the desert is a just dry form of the ocean... vast and beautiful and ultimately.... something to respect because it can be harsh.

Pam said...

Sand sand and more sand. But what are those folks spelling out? I can't quite figure it out!!! Happy MM.

moi said...

I'm vay-caying in snow, ice and 10 degrees. I could use me some sand and dry heat right about now. In a previous life, I do believe I was a bedouin :o) Great Mute Monday!

Big Shamu said...

Thank goodness you don't have the picture of my secret Squirrel Burying Sandy Spot. Near Vegas. I think I'm going to need my shovel. Lots more holes to dig.

Bear said...

Sahara??? Sorry Fishy, even I won't fall for that... way too many letters.

When I have a small image... I open it with Microsoft Office Picture Manager (because I don't have Photoshop or the like), and I use the zoom function to increase the image size on the screen... it tends to keep the pic clear... and then I take a screen shot and paste that into Paint, and then I can copy the image portion that I want into another instance of Paint and save as JPEG or BMP or whatever. Works for me.

Cheers, Bear.

sparringK9 said...

did you see the movie "hidalgo"? i think you would love it. beautiful pix. happy MM!

sparringK9 said...

wait! what is Shamu saying? boy lady you are gonna get it. grrrrrrrrherhahahaha wait til lt. col. maximum damage reads this.

Aunty Belle said...

Whoo! I'se wif' Gypsy Lady--that third from the bottom is the kewlest!

Did'ja ever see the movie The English Patient?? The opening scene is of massive shifting desert sands, at first almost a feminine body...lovely.

Stunning "S", Fishy.

fishy said...

I so agree with you, very much like the yin to the yang of the oceans.
Also, like you and Gypsy, I have a healthy respect for the power of both. Beautiful, a mesmerizing ever shifting painting and, definitely something to fear.

unknown but it tickled my funny bone to see folks being playful in this forbidding setting. Human spirit is an entertaining subject
for me.

a snow bunny vacation? Enjoy! But what shoes do you wear?

Big Shamu,
some squirrel loving blogger is gonna come gunning for you! And, ummmmmm, how do you mark your spot in such a transient landscape?

thanks for the lesson. I will try your recommendation in hopes of improving the quality of the Mute Monday offerings from the Pond.

Yes I have seen the Hidalgo movie...did you know that is a true story? I marvel at a culture that finds a way to navigate this environment. I don't think they eat squirrels there, maybe prarie dogs.

Aunty Belle,
I did see that movie and so agree the opening was a stunning, emotion evoking, visual. Blowfish would agree with you on the sand forms imaging human form, he calls the last pic in the posting the "Breast of Dune"

Native Minnow said...

Seeing all that sand is chafing me


Big Shamu said...

Ileave their tails unburied. It's like a little hairy crop field.

Jenny said...

come back over if you want to see 3 chihuahuas plastered to my back door. :-)