Sunday, December 21, 2008


sparringK9 said...

tea is a great "T". i love the elephant. i would use that everyday and smile. i like black pearl in a triangle net. mmmmmmm. tea is good. happy MM!

h said...

Excellent pics. The elephant is my favorite. You Blogjynxed Gypsy!

Happy Mute Monday.

The Java Junkie said...

Wonderful array of all things "T"ea! Love the Polish "bluebird" pot - stunning! Happy MM!

Jenny said...

I lived in England for a year when I was a Teen and afternoon tea (OK, the cookies with the tea) was something I really learned to enjoy. These are great and I gotta go with the elephant too. Happy MM!

Aunty Belle said...

Gorgeous! Oooh oooh, Fishy, I'll take the classic silver, but I love them all.

An' iced tea wif' mint cain't be beat. Unless it be cold in the afternoon, then a Darjeeling wif' cream by the fire lookin' out the window--sigh. I did smile to see Alice.

Happy MM, and Merry Merry Christmas to all ya'll.

Bear said...

I have very fond memories, as a little boy, of taking tea in the garden with my grandmother and great aunty.

Between you and Gypsy I think Tea has been well covered.

Happy MM.

fishy said...

You like the Black Pearl? Pretty good stuff. I like really good English Breakfast Tea in the mornings with a tad o sugar and warmed cream. Sometimes, when my coffee drinking littlest sister comes to visit the pond she has me make her a cup just the way I make it for myself.

I am not surprised a Troll likes the elephant. On some islands elephants are the Troll transportation!

That bluebird pot reminded me of the ol Zippity do-dah song with the bluebird on his shoulder! Glad you like this great Polish functional art form !

Afternoon delight! We have a brand spanking new, just opened, English Tea Room in a restored 1800's hotel in our downtown. I'm trying to meet a friend there this afternoon....I hope it's as good as the real English experience you remember.

The silver is great!
You like mint tea in the summers? I like mine with a slice of fresh peach floating round the cubes! When I was a tadpole one of my sisters and I would have to draw straws to see who got to drink the leftovers of our Daddyfish's oh-so-perfect sweet iced tea!

Tea parties in the garden is a Southern tradition I just adore.
When our Mermaid was coming along she decided, at age 5, she would like to host an afternoon tea for her friends. We sent out invitations for all participants to come for a "dress up" tea...and I am telling you the Mamas were more excited than the kids! One of the photos from that happy day is still in the Living Room!

Vixen said...

Great theme and take! My mother collects antique tea pots. :)

moi said...

I'm not much of a tea drinker, except for the occasional iced tea at lunch during the summer. So the first time I ever traveled to the south and ate in a restaurant and the waitress asked if I wanted my tea sweet or un-sweet and I ordered sweet? THAT was a culinary experience of the highest order. Happy Mute Monday!

Pam said...

I could just go for a cuppa now after seeing your posting! Great idea for a theme and love the photos you chose! Happy MM!

fishy said...

Oh Moi! I know that was a terrible experience. I've been in Southern ponds all my days and even I cannot order "sweet tea" at the locals. I have to order mine "half n half" to avoid sugar shock!

Pamokc.... it is the perfect day for a cuppa stirred, of course, with a peppermint candy cane.

Merry Christmas!

sparringK9 said...

no no no. you need iced tea super sweet so you can take it down with lots of lemon juice. this is a southern science.... bonus: the sound of swirling tea spoons at the bottoms of ball jars at the soul food kitchen. please!

Karen said...

These are just wonderful Fishy and now I feel quite disappointed in mine after seeing yours.

What I wouldn't give for a nice cup of tea and some scones with jam and cream. I loved the doggy at the tea party pic.

Happy Mute Monday and I hope you, blowfish and Mermaid have a wonderful and safe Christmas.