Friday, December 5, 2008

The Pond Activist

I wrote to Congress this week.
I expect by now the various services have investigated me and
found me to be an opinionated, albeit harmless to my country ,
little Fishy.

This week my communications were:

a) No Big 3 automotive bailout!

b) Encourage bio-fuels research of kudzu before it consumes this section of
the world. ( it is the most prolific plant and it isn't food.)

c) Provide tax incentives for American companies to bring the jobs back home
and a tax hike to those who are supporting the economies of our adversaries.

d) To please don't wimp out on the Hillary can't be Secretary of State issue.

e) To please tell me who becomes president if the courts find Hussein Obama cannot be President because he was born in Kenya. Does Joe Biden become president and Nancy Pelosi VP? Do we have another election?
Do we change the constitution for Obummer?

f) To please hold the line and NOT revise the constitution so Hillary and
Hussein can have it their way !

I am still awaiting a meaningful reply, although I have been thanked for my "interest" by a variety of automatic e-mail responses.

I also queried my state legislators this week on the subject of education.
If we installed an "education lottery" in these waters to enhance the quality
of education then WHY have the schools progressively declined? Apparently
said decline is accelerating rapidly. Doesn't seem to be a plan or funds in
place to address this "unfortunate directional change".

So far, I haven't even gotten an automated response from the state boys and girls.

I wrote my local newspaper to illuminate my causes for displeasure with our perpetually bickering and non-productive County Council. They called to get my permission to run it as a guest editorial on Sunday and would I provide them with a picture? Blowfish would prefer I not. He's afraid our pond will be vandalized by those not in agreement with me.

I just might start calling him Jellyfish any day now.

Blowfish wanted to know if I really thought my efforts would have results?
I mentioned to him the old truth about evil prevailing when good thinking folks shut up. He was not persuaded. Just once I think it would be entertaining if he thought my efforts were, at the very least, an exercise in the freedoms of a democracy. He tells me democracy is over except in the minds of fools like me.

My next communication?
The classifieds "free jellyfish" !


Jenny said...

Just doing a little fact checking, and wondering.... Obama was born in Hawaii? Two years after it became part of the U.S.


Aunty Belle said...

Heee hee , Funnyy Fishy...a free blowfish--a riot.

NO BAILOUTS!! Education? Start over--use the Trivium (grammar, logic, and rhetoric to shape the mind and refine language) an' the , quadrivium (sciences and mathematics). Socratic method.
End. of. Story.

h said...

I've researched the matter carefully and concluded that Obama was NOT born in Hawaii. No birth certificate. No record-of-birth at the hospital.

The Traitor-Democrat-Party-Of-Filth doesn't care about the Constitution or the Rule-Of-Law so it's anyone guess what would happen in reality.

But Biden would not be obliged to pick Pelosi as VP merely because of the order or succession. He could pick anyone he wants. E.G. Nixon picked Ford.

Send the local rag a picture of ME. It'll discourage vandals.

fishy said...

I guess that is the question before the courts. Like Troll mentioned, there is no US birth certificate for Obama but there is a verbal record from his African granny stating he was born in Kenya.

Aunty Belle,
Did you want a free jellyfish? I can offer free shipping!

Great idea about the Troll pic to the paper...thanks for sharing!

moi said...

I'm with ya on the no bailout issue. None. Nada. Nunca. What part of the "American People Say Nyet" do these idiots not understand?

Which means, of course, our gub'ment is based on just about anything and everything BUT reason.

Jenny said...

I will leave the birth certificate "issue" to those that believe it's actually something to pursue..... I wanted to add it's tres cool that your letter is turning into a guest editoral - it proves what I've always thought; you a gifted writer.

And, I 100% agree with A)NO BIG 3 BAILOUT!!!!! Let 'em go down and come back...... companies that are suited to the current world/economy.

fishy said...

I heard Congress was polled yesterday and found they did not have sufficient votes for the bailout.
I also heard 92% of Americans are
against the bailout so ultimately it will be interesting to see if Congress will honor the people they profess to serve.

If I understand this "issue" correctly it is a constitutional issue FIRST and secondary to that, an Obama issue.
There are two requirements for running for the presidencey;
you must be at least 35 and,
you must have been born in America.

For both criteria,
a birth certificate is the legal document required. No such American document exists for Barak Hussein Obama.

I very much wish this issue had made it to the courts prior to the election. Frankly I do not understand how Obama met the criteria for acquiring a drivers liscense , a passport or a run for the senate without the required documentation. I REALLY cannot understand how he came to be his party's candidate and ultimately the president elect without having willingly provided documentation in order to make this issue null and void.

There are many who believe this would have happened had it been possible. Makes sense to me!

I FEAR what will happen in the streets of America should president elect Obama go to jail instead of Pennsylvania Avenue.

Pam said...

I think Pelosi wouldn't be VP at all. She is just 3rd in line, if something happens to Pres & VP at the same time, she steps up at that point. I could be wrong.

Keep writing your state legislators. You should definitely hear back from them. But here's a lesson to help that out. Make sure you include your name and address so they can verify you live in their district. They receive so much mail/e-mail they can't possibly answer everything, but those voting constituents can get responses, but you need to make sure they know you are one....

Also, if you want a response, make sure you ask a question. Otherwise they take it as you are just voicing your opinion. Ask for their stand on a specific issue. And remind them that you vote. And don't be afraid to call their offices either.

I'm a semi-expert on this subject. Meanwhile, I will be thinking up my idea of a princess room. Now this does mean my dream room, and not something for a little girl, right? I appreciate the invite to participate!

sparringK9 said...

i got an automated response from my senator saxby chambliss. it read "thank you for writing...blah blah blah" but i know he didnt read it because i told him to burn in hell. grrrrrherhahahah

on your b. amen. they are not thinking through the disaster of bio fuel esp. on corn. the root food of everything. animal feed/ grain base/ oils/ high fructose..blah blah. i hate kudzu. another example of government ineptitude importing a non native to crowd out the natives and be virtually bomb proof. come to think of it they took the same approach with immigration. losers! we should have a tax revolt and revolution. no joke fishy. no joke.

fishy said...

Hey, thanks for the info. I do indeed give them my name and locale cause, of course :-), I want MY voice to be heard! I don't always ask a question I may be ammending my ways on that front.

On the perfect Princess Room prototype project....yep it is for us adult women who no longer have a room of our own but yearn to have one! There are references to this need from Moi, Boxer, Aunty Belle and K9 this week which started this idea fermenting in my head. Do join in! I am looking forward to your input.

Like you I live in a region where Kudzu is consuming millions of acres of land. Came to us via the 1876 world expo as a centennial 'present" from Japan and then later we imported some for erosion control along the Southern corridor interstates.
So very stupid!
New studies out from Clemson University on how to rid us of this conquering foe says it is "resistent to all herbacides and is nigh on to impossible to erradicate." This took research dollars ?????
Anyway, since using corn for the ethanol base is just moronic it makes sense to use something like Kudzu. The growth rates is just astonishing , it is certainly plentiful and it isn't food for man nor beast.
I've reached the point where I think the requirement for our Congress is they all check their brains at the door along with their hats!