Sunday, November 16, 2008



Karen said...

I love all those gracious old buildings and homes. You have some great pics there. Welcome to both blogging and Mute Monday.

h said...

Beautiful pics of a wonderful quirky place. Welcome to Mute Monday!

Jenny said...

Last night I dreamed of Tara.... I want to visit this place! What big beautiful homes and if Troll says it's quirky.... then it's my kind of place.

Nicely done and very happy Mute Monday!

The Java Junkie said...

Great pics - beautiful old buildings! Happy MM!

Aunty Belle said...

OH!! Be still mah heart! Ya' know, I alwways knowed Dunlieth was meant fer me--but I could make do wif' Melrose or Stanton Hall...stand on the Bluff and invite a river boat gambler home fer a mint julep--iffin' he were handsome.
Welcome to MM!

Bear said...

Well done Fishy, you're a Natch at this.

*Natch being a colloquialism for Natural*

Happy MM.

fishy said...

Welcome!...I expect most of those homes have ponds don't you?

last time I was there the poker playing section of town was down the hill and under the bridge. You been there ?

a.b. ,
if you get the opportunity to visit Natchez....GO!... the spring is spectacular, the folks gracious and the history a surprise. BUT, oh my goodness...all that fabulous architecture with gardens and follies makes a heart sing the loudest!!!! What made you dream of Tara? Did you watch the movie?

nice of you to splash on over. Somewhere I have an envelope of photos I took on a Spring pilgrimage but who knows which box in the attic?

Aunty Belle,
you takes after my Mama,
her silver was the Melrose pattern
so she could dream big, remember her roots and show some true Southern heritage at the table.
I believe Troll might have a notion or two bout being a River Boat gambler....but if his avatar has accuracy I think the 'handsome' part is a tad optomistic!

sparringK9 said...

goyjus! i love the look of lush history.looks like a fun road trip to me. maybe end up at some kind of blues club? happy MM fishy will send a fish pic later today.

moi said...

A wonderful place – love that you covered it. Happy Mute Monday!

Vixen said...

Wow. Those are all beautiful! I love historic buildings/homes!

Happy Monday!

Pam said...

Great idea and theme. Happy MM!

h said...


I didn't go "under-the-hill" to play poker but might next time. What I REALLY want to do is ride the entire Natchez Trace on horseback.

fishy said...

well,well,well ...that's one of my dreams; to ride the Trace on my big black steed! And, in case you are unaware, in the Carolinas you can ride the Cherokee trail from the mountains to the Atlantic.
Do you have a steed?

sparringK9 said...

how does one send a fish picture? you have no posted email?