Monday, November 10, 2008

Mute Perfection


boneman said...

Oh, now I get it! You're doing that there mute Monday thing. Or, is this an impression of same?

Architecture or design?
No formal study in either, but 25 years in construction of one sort or other and an intense love affair with Frank Lloyd Wright plus a gegree in commercial art keeps me in plenty of trouble.
No income, but, plenty of trouble.

So, are you the mime?

Aunty Belle said...

Oh!! This is jes' too perfect--very droll, Fishy.

fishy said...

nice to hear from you. Yep, my first entry for Mute Monday. I sent the Troll an e-mail about how to get the Mute Monday logo imported so next Monday should see an improvement.

You sound like a modern renaissance man. I spent one summer internship with a disciple of FLW, a Taliesen West alum and WOW did I learn a lot. Some of the fundamentals of FLW thinking still governs my design processes to this day. Why trouble?

Aunty Belle,
Droll huh? I reckon being a wordsmith and all youse got that exactly right. I thought Mimes would be a great subject but ise is very disappointed cause you sees only the one stationary mime.
I thought I was doing right to import that Mime doing his Mime thing .... sort of a stop action video of the same Mime doing a performace. Didn't happen ! Mebbe next week I'll be a bit better. Glad you got the funny of it anyway!

sparringK9 said...

mimes are terrifying. happy MM good to have you aboard.

h said...


Welcome to the gang. I don't know how to import the logo and put links in pictures. I think Anonymous Boxer knows how to though.

One of my Mute Mondays was pictures I took at Florida Southern College of Mr. Wright's buildings. He and his disciples also designed some homes near the College but I didn't want to annoy the residents by taking pics.

He was a jeanyes.

fishy said...

I get the terrifying bit. As a child I went to a circus which had Mimes keeping folks from getting restless tween other activities.
One zeroed in on me and didn't stop til I was on the ground screaming. Took me decades to get the images out of my head. Nightmare stuff....but years later I had a friend who really wanted to be a Mime and practiced with me so now I'm cool with this and you have to admit Mimes have perfected Mute Communications!

Troll, I've seen that campus and while I agree with the genius label I've never found that campus to be as captivating as some of his other works.

a.b. send help!

Jenny said...

Nicely done! I took a Mime class in college. It's not something I'm very proud of.


Jenny said...

ooh, just saw the comment about importing. If you just copy Troll's mute logo onto your computer it's yours.. Go to the Blogger LAYOUT and click "ADD A GADGET", then "Add a picture" .. if you put Troll's blog address into the "link" it will automatically click to his blog.

Is that what you needed? Play around with Gadgets and email me if you need anything else. I'm actually not that hip when it comes to tekkie stuff. :-)