Sunday, February 23, 2014

Haiku Monday: Balance

Good Morning Haiku Contributors.

This week our Haiku mission is to explore the concept of 



darkfoam said...

Great concept .. a principle of design too amongst other things.
I will see who I can round up.

fishy said...

YEP! As a designer I can assure you
balancing the design is essential; balancing the design with the budget and the personalities is the hardest challenge!

Rebecca said...

wonderful choice off to think and create be back later tonight

Rebecca said...

ok throwing my hat into the ring here are my entries

walking a fine line
believe or not to believe
faith, it takes balance

good versus evil
past choices I made, scale tips
darkness surrounds me

visuals up tomorrow if you want to see

darkfoam said...

Oh, such a notion ..
balance, symmetry ... my calf
aches in exercise

Nice haiku by becca!

Karl said...

Good evening Fishy,

Understand the bull
Propaganda agenda
No side balanced

Hardware store shoulder
Broken vertebrae to boot
Invert balance off

Anonymous said...

Boy that last photo is breath-taking. Nice theme, Fishy, so many directions one can go, so little time for me to get mine done.

Here's one, at least.

Natural balance.
Hoodoos defy gravity.
Tipped; just a boulder.

There is a visual up.

Anonymous said...

Slalom, GS, skate;
Olympics requires it.
No balance no GOLD.

Anonymous said...

Hey Karl, you are doing GOOD if you can get your arm that far vertical. After I get my knee fixed, the shoulder will be next - I hope. Dang, a lot of rehab ahead.

fishy said...

Nice way to get us started this week.
I think the balance between your two haiku means Faith trumps darkness.

Are you body sculpting? Still recovering from the ankle busting Summer? Expressing the need to balance all our selves with ourselves for ourselves with love?

Agreed! The morning and evening propaganda reports are so not news. Imbalance seems the norm.

"Hardware store shoulder" made me laugh out loud. Growing up we kids called that balance invert a "handstand".

Loved your ET hoodoo visual, and the education! As for the Sochi events, I found the games and the coverage to be a yawn inducing event.

Also, just passed my discharge exam following 3 months of physical therapy 3x weekly for spine and shoulder issues so definitely you have my sympathies for the coming rehab.

Becca, you are our winner with this fine entry:

Walking a fine line
Believe, or not to believe?
Faith. It takes balance.

I've chosen this haiku as our winner because true haiku is about nature. To that point I believe it is in the nature of man to seek faith. Many also find the path to faith directly through nature, not through organized teachings. It is in seeking faith that many find a sustaining balance.

Well done all, it is amazing what we learn and share in just 17 syllables.

darkfoam said...

Congratulations to becca! And thanks to a fine job hosting, Fishy. No, I'm not body sculpting, although perhaps I should.
Just working on strengthening the leg that had the injury.

Karl said...

Good afternoon Fishy,

"Hardware store" comes from the X-rays. It looks like a kid went wild with a screw gun. Nine months of therapy and I can still only balance a handstand for about 10 seconds off the wall. I find it frustrating.

Thanks so much for hosting. I hope we didn't muddy the waters too much.

Congratulations Becca! Don't let hosting bother you. You do a fine job. Looking forward to your topic.

@ Serendipity: Gee whiz, a knee and a shoulder. My dear, you have a lot of work ahead of you. Stick with the therapy, and go above and beyond. The effort you put into your recovery is one of the most important factors in a positive outcome.

Rebecca said...

thank you will have theme up Sunday so everyone can work on ti

Rebecca said...

Haiku theme is up and ready