Saturday, August 10, 2013

Haiku Monday Winner: Shallows

(Shadows in the Shallows by  artist Mark Shasha)

Thanks to all players this week,
 we have been well entertained by the entries.

Almost: Becca
looking in the mirror
silver pond reflects true depths. None.
beauty fades away
(sigh, 8 syllables in the second line)

Show: Foam
by and by it ceased ...
shallow pool illuminates
my flower pot weeds
(loved the photograph and the humor)

Place: Pam
superficial, fake
empathy, no true feelings
shallows of the soul
(clever interpretation of theme)

WIN! Grumpy Granny
wide water ripples
not deep, but quick, deceptive
balance is tricky

(Ah yes! life is full of ripples and deceptions, keeping your balance is ...winning!)

Congratulations Granny!
 We look forward to your theme.

Hello Haikuers,
This week our theme is "Shallows"
Since y'all are a  creative collection of players , we are already looking forward to the entries.

Judging is always subjective but in our homage to the still missing Troll, we try to uphold his teachings by requiring these basics:
5-7-5 format
 kireji the cutting word which connects two thoughts and,
 kigo, a seasonal reference.

We award points for all of the above and bonus
points for clever interpretation of the theme.
Visuals are optional but... well we really enjoy a great relationship between the 'ku and the view.

Please post your entries here with an "I'm up!" notice if you have posted on your own blog with visuals so we will know to come have a look.  Play is open until midnight on Monday Pacific Daylight Time.

Luck to all!

The shallows at Lake McDonald Glacier National Park

Chesapeake Bay shallows blue crabs

G.K Chesterton 1935 Still relevant 2013

"Moose in the Shallows" by artist  Edward Aldrich

Wisconsin  Egg Harbor

New York Times Best Seller

Salt Water Shallows "Game" Fish



Doom said...

Had you heard? Chesterton is in the works to being put up for sainthood. I'm not sure how far along they are, but... After having read him a bit I have to think that he would be pleased, more pleased that they are taking their time about it on top of it. :)

Sparkling Water Glitter

peripheral glint
here then not, sparkle or a wave?
for food or bait- neat

Hot days

toes sink into wet
shiver goes the heat up spine
want in- NOT happening

Doom said...

And I am up! Sometimes it just comes together easily, plus I'm on a break from the garden. Dang thing is conspiring to kill me I think.

darkfoam said...

Nice showing by Doom already. I like 'peripheral glint'.

Aunty Belle said...

Youse the winner Fishy? Awesome!

An' this heah is a clever theme.

Wif' Doom, I'se rooting fer Gilbert Keith Chesterton--what a MIND! Besides which, he done wrote some delectable mystery stories.

But, this is Haiku time, an I doan have any yet, mebbe I can play this week--have had house guest, assignments and , jes' regular warp speed life. Mebbe.

But good luck to all!

czar said...

Hi, Fishy. Neat theme.

Toes wrapped ’round treasured
Bit unsought. Unstuck, forgot
Ten in rippling waves.

darkfoam said...

By and by it ceased.......

Shallow pool illuminates

My flowerpot weeds.

darkfoam said...

Rain pelts window pane..

Shallow riverlets of drops descend

As I gaze outward..

Doom said...

Another mus musculus this tom drags in. Ah, fresh psychic sashimi rōdēns!

Even There

superficial depth
replete with emptiness- but
fertility is

Anonymous said...

Well, here I am, with 2 this week. Thanks for the great memories, Fishy.

Wide water ripples,
Not deep, but quick, deceptive.
Balance is tricky.

Shallows entice them
Quick-flicking rainbow beauty.
Lucky camera.

Anonymous said...

Great theme Fishy! Congrats on last week's win - I had to make a copy of that photo so I look at it and smile.

I'll be out of pocket next week, so will only play for fun. Certainly that is just as well because this is probably an eeeew! kind of haiku. It is a biologist's perspective. Maybe this does not really need a visual ;-).

GG's entry is where I was last week myself. Well done, and nice photos.

Oh fascinating!
Leech attacks zebra mussel.
Surprise by my toes!

darkfoam said...

And I'm up!

fishy said...

You riding a big creative wave?

I agree "peripheral glint" is memorable.
Your haiku speaks to our wet, wet Summer up here in the foothills.

Thanks. Why are you always "warp speeding" around like a comic book super heroine? Slow down and play!

Were you a "Surfer Boy" hanging ten and catching the babes?

Isn't it interesting how easy it is to lose balance in the shallows? Life can be like that too... I think of those experiences as lessons by God.

You published the reflection dog? How fun is that! I hope it makes you LOL often.

I agree, ick, clever of course, but still icky

Pretty nice Haiku for a Sunday y'all

Doom said...


Call me a sucker for pain, but... I'd love visuals. :p


Creative wave? I've made my whole world up, it can't even be according to statisticians, and I'm not even sure I exist. Not so much a wave as a state of being? :p

czar said...

@Fishy. Oh, hell no. On both counts.

Rebecca said...

here are my two entries

looking in the mirror
silver pond reflects true depths, none
beauty fades away

a glimpse nothing more
heart races wild, breathe catches
starstruck shallow much

visuals will be up tomorrow

Anonymous said...

Hey Fishy, you are getting some nice entries!

Here is one that may make up for the last one -- at least with the visual, which is up.

Still lily pad pond
raises ducks, frogs, turtles, fish;
Abundant life forms.

Doom said...


restfulness near shore
no danger- choices and freedoms
water and beast mīt

Oh, I'm not competing, fishy. I have way to much to do to try to host. Yeah, yeah, I know I keep putting in and showing up first. But that just happens on my breaks. It'll be mid-September before I... can try to win. Hope you don't mind me playing anywhile.

Anonymous said...

Hi, Czar! Haven't seen you around for a while. Surfer dude, yeah. ;-)

Karl said...

Good evening Fishy,

Just one this week, sorry it's been a long one.

Crystal blue eyes stare
Bottom to surface so near
Reflect Deaths embrace

Rafael said...


Congrats on your WIN! Most deserving, for sure!!!

Splashing shallows trill
Leapfrog croaks a serenade
Lilypad its stage

No time for visuals this week...

Pam said...

Hi Fishy! Here's my take on it. We don't have shallows around here. We have flash floods, maybe, but shallows? So my mind went this way:

Superficial, fake
empathy, no true feelings.
Shallows of the soul.

Rafael said...

A second thought:

Shallow waters maze
Sinuous 'long mangrove trees
Rising serpents writhe

Doom said...

Thanks for the show, fishy. Now you can get back to being grumpy! :p

Oh, don't mind me, I've got a funny bone or three poking out of my waking cap and you are on my mind.

Congratulations GG. I haven't see you much so your theme creates a bit of curiosity. Oh, and thanks, all, for the read.

Anonymous said...

Well, I typed my comment but wasn't signed into Wordpress, so I lost it when I went back. Sigh. Bottom line, thank you, Fishy, for choosing my haiku. I'm very proud to be in this group.

I've got a few potential themes running around in my head. Think I'll let them go and see which one bubbles to the top. Will try to have something up by Thursday or Friday.

Cheers, all!


darkfoam said...

Thanks so much for a wonderful job hosting, fishy! I truly enjoyed the theme.
And congratulations to granny! I've just been waiting for her to win anytime now. I like her haiku.

Karl said...

Good evening Fishy,

Thank you for hosting this week. Interesting how a shallow subject, can bring so many deep thoughts.

Congratulations Grumpy Granny! I'm looking forward to your topic for next week.

Aunty Belle said...


Aunty Belle said...