Monday, August 5, 2013

Haiku Monday: Reflections

Jumping the moonbeam
Summer nights rushing pleasure
Best when play'd with you

This is confusing.
Ball is there. But ... where am I ?
Here? Or in there too?


darkfoam said...

Yes! Absolutely..
I love walking the beach at night with the pinetop when the moon is out .. :-)

moi said...

Bwhahahahaha to your second one. Perfect!

Doom said...

I enjoyed that first, if I had to... slow down and read it. Doh! :)

The second is way too funny. Don't need a dog brain, just a morning in which one can't quite wake. Nothing works and mirrors square that proposition.

fishy said...

Nights on water are magic!

Love the dog in that photo ...all that ready to go muscle tension and yet that thoughtful hesitancy....what a good dog!

I am a water baby so moonlight on water always speaks to me strongly.

Aunty Belle said...

Very nice, Fishy. The dog cracks me up.

fishy said...

That's a great photograph isn't it?

Colonialist said...

That doggy one is a really worthy winner. Congratulations!

darkfoam said...

Yes, your 2nd haiku is an absolute hoot!

Oh, and congratulations, btw.. :-)