Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Haiku Monday: Bloom

The incomparable Fleur won our game last week with her brilliant haiku on Forgetfulness.
This week our  theme is "Bloom".  A word I associate with my mother who loved to garden
and, who taught us all to "bloom where you are planted". If you have not been playing our
Monday game join us, it's fun , sometime intimidating,  in this smart crowd of challengers!

What blooms within grief?
Surely ... that first sprig  of hope
Love will survive death

Rose blooms on my cheeks
Spawn'd by Summer memories
of ocean brined flesh


Buzz Kill said...

I liked the tribute to your mother. I can relate to that.

And "ocean brined flesh" was good, but I prefer to brine turkeys instead. Bwahahaha

Anonymous said...

Lovely pairing of the photo and first haiku, Fishy.


chickory said...

very nice. the first one especially. good luck!

Aunty Belle said...

Nice gxoi' fishy! The Mama haiku got me, natcherly.

darkfoam said...

Well, yes, that mama haiku got to me too.
Loved the 2nd one and with the visual I keep expecting them to be knocked over any minute.

fishy said...

Thank you, I miss my mother terribly; although I am so pleased to now know love does survive death.

Thank you. I love old graveyards. Seems like these days they are designed to accommodate lawnmowers not the residents or their families.

Thanks . Did I read on Fleur's page you will be returning to the game? I hope so as I so enjoy your perspective on things.

We was cheek to cheek this week!
I find it interesting everyone susses out this is a "Mama" haiku even though the word is not present. I reckon broken hearts speak out loud.

Knocked over, knocked up those waves can get away from us all!

Aunty Belle said...

BuzzK is hilarious

Fleurdeleo said...

Fishy, your visuals are perfect.

Fleurdeleo said...

"Ocean-brined flesh" is my favorite phrase this week.