Friday, June 29, 2012

Haiku Monday Theme: Ecosystem

Our area is in a drought status. Recently we had enough rain to downgrade our status from "severe" to " moderate".  Throughout the region there remains serious concerns for the ecosystems of  our streams, rivers, lakes, estuaries, marshes, wetlands, bays and 
p.o.n.d.s !!!!!

Because of this I have given much thought of late about ecosystems.What is my own piece of the puzzle? Do I contribute to the balance of a greater ecosystem? I am not likely to be bear food or to eat a bear but does that mean  my being has no bearing on bears?  What is the significance of seeing more preying mantis and fewer ladybugs this year?  Why are we seeing  more black garden snakes  than ever before and why do the sugar ants seek out my air conditioned house instead of subterranean ant hostels?

South of here a bit there are folks taking great issue with the desires to deepen and lengthen the ports in both Savannah and Charleston. There are concerns about  fish species, insect species and the birds they feed and those which feed on the birds. There are daily arguments in the paper  from the side screaming for progress and jobs and those screaming for stewardship of the Earth. As best I can tell we are all losing.

Rules of the game are  the  classic 5-7-5 format of imparting an awesome concept/message/ wish in just 17 syllables. And, while my beloved Troll seems to have abandoned me, I cannot abandon his teachings.   Thus,  proper  use of Kigo (seasonal reference) and kireji  (cutting word) will each have an additional point value.  I like visuals so these too are factored  in determining the top three. Just give me a  "visuals up!" so I know to come have a look. Two haiku per entrant will be judged. If you write more, please indicate which are to be judged.  As always, you are welcome to invite friends and family to play. The bigger the game the more we learn!

Happy weekending.


Jenny said...

Congrats Fishy!

We are not like the rest of the country - we are soggy, having just completed the coldest June (and most rain) on record. But, after reading the news on the rest of the country tonight, I'm not complaining. I'll be back Sunday.

BlazngScarlet said...

Congrats Fishy!

Like you, we're in a heat-wave induced drought.
"They" keep teasing us with news stories of rain ... but it has yet to show up.

I hope to be back on Sunday or Monday.
I'm currently in the GWN to celebrate Canada Day. =)

fishy said...

I am so surprised every time I see a weather map of your region. Today we expect to reach 103 by 1pm. I will be inside for the afternoon :-)
Thanks for the shout out.
I'm already looking forward to your haiku.

Thank you. This win was a smiley face surprise.

Yea Canada!
I have been there twice and hope one day to do the Trans Canadian Great Train Adventure through the Rocky Mountains. No doubt you will have a great visit.

Haikus can be entered until 11:59pm PST on Monday. Let me know if you have a visual up at your blog.

Rebecca said...

congrats on your win and wow tough topic going to have to put on my thinking hat for this one

czar said...

Well, it's a type of ecosystem. No visuals. Nor would you want any.

First time read, I said,
Do what now? “Coprophagy:
The redundant vice.”

Jenny said...

Here's my first entry:

Fallen tree nurses
nutrients and energy
Mother Nature lives.

fishy said...

Hah! There is never a hint of "easy" in this crowd! Looking forward to your entry.

I have a visual.

A fine synergy indeed!

Anonymous said...

Nice theme Fishy.

How is that again?
Mycorrhizal fungi feed
plants that feed the world.


Anonymous said...

Hi Fishy, seems symbiosis is my theme tonight. Here is a second. There could be another more universal ecosystem one yet.

is algae’s job, not fungi’s,
in lichen’s troth.

Visuals for this one are at:

and for my previous entry at:

This is sort of the microscopic version of Boxer's nurse trees.

Jenny said...

I love nurse trees.

fishy said...

I will be out of state for the day so will not be commenting as the entries are posted.

Keep those haiku coming!
You have until 11:59pm PST to post your haikus or to declare which two are to be judged.

Have fun, good luck!

Anonymous said...

Coastal wildlife marsh
flashes by on ninety five
Hello Georgia Girl!

Rebecca said...

here are mine for fun

raindrops fall silent
like tears from an angels eyes
Mother nature weeps

lights flashing brightly
lighten cracks open the sky
touch is electric

moi said...

I'm up!

Evolution's creed—
Adapt or Die—matters not.
Helios laughs last.

Karl said...

Good afternoon Fishy,

A most timely topic.

Howdy all!

Alberto early
Derecho’s destructive force
Change is the new norm

ECU's malfunction
Change of season in the tube
Rain on the twenties

Aunty Belle said...

Heh... I'se gonna refrain from a 'Ku on the economic ecosystem which be in the frontal lobe at the moment---so that means I'll have to cogitate fer a spell. Will be back.

Buzz Kill said...

I don't have a haiku today, but I thought it was interesting that you mentioned seeing more snakes. Sunday, The Pudge and I saw a small garter snake in our driveway. That is the first snake I have ever seen on my property (and I've been there 20+ years). We chased it back into the garden.

And we can't tell The Mrs. or she'd freak.

Snakes. Why'd it have to be snakes?

Rafael said...


Congrats again on your win! As much as I LOVE SMILES, I do hope to keep the corrugation to a minimum...lotion, lotion, lotion!!!

Love your theme, even if it did make my brain hurt (think'n and all, ya' know...) With that, I offer you one to ponder over:

Once baptismal tides
Poison spawns that feed our food
Mother's nature foiled

For a visual on how my mind works (scary, huh?), swim on over to:

chickory said...

Congratulations on your win, Fishy!

A community
of Rhododendron anchors
July's broadleaf glade

I am up with visuals. Happy HM everyone and good luck. (it was so hot at the cabin with NO AC I slept out on the porch in a sleeping bag. it stormed around 3 am with blue flashes of lightning illuminating the forest - truly a haiku moment)

chickory said...

@Buzz: I have never seen so many banded water snakes (disturbingly similar looking to copperheads) as I have this year. Rat snakes too. Many frogs. and black widow spiders. I can take the snakes...its the spiders that creep me.

CJ said...

No visuals for me again this week for I'm in the middle of nature with no wifi!! Thank God for 3G!! However I have two for you this week.

Sweltering sunshine
Stealing all of earths moisture.
No bare foot frolics.

Sun rising above.
Bees hunt for quenched sweet clover.
No honey for me.

Good luck to all!


Aunty Belle said...

oh NOoooooo!
Sorry Fishy, sorry sorry. I need to hang it up, I cain't seem to get mahself in gear. I is now officially one of them ole ladies what falls asleep sittin' up in bed wif' the computer on her lap, glasses at tip of the nose. Forsooth!. ( I know--the EM will eat mah innards!)

But fer fun:

Summer plumage swoops
over the feeders. Alas!
Scat, you furry thieves!

Good luck wif' the judgin' Fishy--fun theme. An' come see me --new post on the Porch wif' stuff ya' like.

Aunty Belle said...

But I did go see Most Excellent Marigold Hotel AFORE I fell asleep near to midnight. Iffin' ever ya wanna try India on fer size, see how ya' like it, this movie would be a good virtual reality immersion test.

Buzz Kill said...

@Aunty - The Mrs. dragged me to see Best Exotic Marigold Hotel this past weekend. Just what a middle-aged guy thinking about retirement wants to see. A bunch of desparate old British people going to India as a hail-Mary pass to retirement. Visually interesting, preposterous premise - without the smell.

The whole time I was thinking...Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter was playing next door.

Aunty Belle said...

hahaha! YOUSE CRACKIN' ME UP-- but thas'a very good review of the movie.