Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Our Winner Is ....

Nature is our winner!
Mother Survivor prevails.

Moi advised us clearly :
Adapt or die

Boxer reminded us what Mother once nursed returns the favor:
Fallen tree nurses

Gentleman Karl hammered home Moi's message:
Change is the new norm

Bi-Czar was off message with his 17 about a vice not an ecosystem.

Serendipity illuminated the balance of power.
Photosynthesis is Algae's job not Fungi's.

Becca reminds us good is not always positive:
rain.....like tears from angel's eyes

Aunty Belle opened her eyes long enough to remind us to be vigilant:

Corey Jo personalizes the bees struggle:
No honey for me.

Rafael's haiku haunted me.
It speaks of a frightful tragedy , the transition from the blessing of baptism to the horrors of Nature diverted from her purpose. There is much intensity in the implied perversion from once "baptismal tides"  to the resulting devil spawn of "poison"  tides/

Chickory once again shared with us her love for and the beauty of her Summer forest,
July's broadleaf glade

Because of these haiku I have revisited the meanings of a "glade" of "photosynthesis"  and of a "derecho".
I re-read some of the credits for Helios, the duties of mycorrhizal fugi and all the definitions for  "spawn".
This was helpful although not particularly influential.  The top three are:

So it came down to the visuals:
Have you visited these sites?
Moi had a picture of creation
Serendipity has a picture of Lichen's Troth
Rafael has an image which looks like an abstract painting of tidal dna gone amuck.

I loved something about  all the visuals!
This necessitated another reading aloud.
So the winner emerged ...

is algae's job, not fungi's
in Lichen's troth

Congratulations Serendipity!

Thank you  all for playing :-)
Well, maybe not Czar ......eeeeewwwwweeeeee!


Karl said...

Good evening Fishy,

Thank you for hosting this week. This topic will and is changing faster than most can keep up with. Serendipity has a fine way of keeping all in perspective. My congratulations to her.

A safe and happy 4th of July to you and the family. And to all the players of the group.

chickory said...

congratulations S, well played. You are one tough haiku competitor. Fishy, thanks for hosting, everyone have a great 4th - its a weird time for celebrating our independence; as it erodes away in a mountain of debt.
Still, the beauties and virtues are many, and I am thankful for so much.

czar said...


Well, at least I had 17 syllables. I thought that was a requirement for winning as well.

Oh, well. To each judge his or her own.

My topic may have been off-target. My message? Pretty prescient.

Anonymous said...

Beautiful lead in photo Fishy.

WOO-Hoo! Stiff competition! It is really fun to win against such inspired competition. Fishy, your themes are always so thought provoking, true to nature in classic haiku tradition, and sometimes difficult to capture in so few syllables! This can certainly test one’s vocabulary.

I already have a theme: The Skull. Come on over to my blog a little later this evening and I’ll explain why and provide a little inspiration.

Thanks Fishy. Great hosting and great theme! Hopefully we all learned something, I did. You do tend to provoke teaching with your themes.

Hope everyone has a fun and safe 4th. (Fire is on our minds out here...)



Rafael said...

Congrats!!! Yours was truly awesome; painting a beautiful picture of nature's ecosystem working as it should...PERFECTLY!

Thanks for hosting and all your kind words... praise from you is HIGH indeedyDO! (Oh, and I was trying to draw a turtle, but "tidal dna gone amuck", sounds way better).

I say it's always better to offend and lose than to have never offended at all!! Personally, I LOVED yours...nail, head, BAM!

Wishing EVERYONE a happy, happy 4th of July--


Aunty Belle said...

Do si do...round an' around--it t'were a tough round, Fishy.

Congrats Serendipity! ( Ya do know Wordpress hated Aunty, right? Else I'd be thar' visit)

fishy said...

Czar's comment made me go back and count syllables....something I failed to do when judging and ....Serendipity's is 16 syllables.

Soooooooooooo sorry everyone! Can I blame this on the heat????????

czar said...

Still a great haiku, though.

Anonymous said...

Well - oops! I totally missed it myself.

So is it really Moi or Rafa, then?


Anonymous said...

Fishy, if you don't re-award it to Moi or Rafa, I had just put up a host page, and will host if you need a host.

I should have gotten the "betroth" over here. Sorry...


Rafael said...

My vote still goes to Serendipity.

Beautiful words, no matter the syllable count.


fishy said...

My apologies for the confusion.
I think it best if we hold me accountable and thank Serendiptiy for hosting our next round.

My guess is we'll all have a good time and Serendipity will count every syllable at least twice!

Blessings on your Fourth of July celebrations.

Anonymous said...

Fishy, you have such class! Thank you. :)

That being your decision, the theme is up at Serendipity's. Come over and play.


moi said...

Congrats, Serendipity! It was a terrific haiku, and I don't think the poetry gods will strike us down if we overlook a wee little syllable.

Anonymous said...