Sunday, April 1, 2012

Haiku Monday: Sense

Cooling onshore breeze
caresses scorch'd summer skin.
Coconut oiled air.

Sunflowers rotate
following the path of  light.
Phyto-sense-thesis ?

Ev'ry hair standing
Feeling what cannot be seen.
Sixth sense urging flight!

Fluttery stomach.
was that...could this be ...oh!oh!
Baby en utero!

This little pig went ...
Noooo! Do NOT tickle my feet!
Endurance testing.


Anonymous said...

Beautiful photo to illustrate a great haiku, Fishy! Well done.


Anonymous said...

I'll take the summer breeze!!

Jenny said...

as usual, they are all fabulous, but I love the sunflower one the best mostly because you managed to use Phyto-sense-thesis. ha. Brilliant.

Anonymous said...

I like the first haiku and that room. Did you design it?

fishy said...

Hey you are on point this week. Great offerings you gave us to ponder and enjoy. Your oneness with nature is awesome.

Anon.....I love a cool Summer's breeze.

Birthday Boxer !
Happy, Happy on your new year, hope it will be blessed with much joy and copious amounts of good ol' fun.

Thank you for the lovely commentary. PHOTOsynthesis clearly is oh-so-clever plant metabolism. But it does not explain how a field of Sunflowers follows the sun throughout the day. Thus my haiku "thesis" on plant "sense".

Such a great game our Troll gave us isn't it??????

Thank you!
Not that particular sleeping porch but there have been others.

In my youth we spent several summers at a beach house with no A/C but a great seeping porch. We put bowls of ice in front of fans to help cool down our sunburns! In those days Coppertone was pretty much the lotion of choice. It, and we, reeked of coconut oil. I think the only smell stronger was my brother's dreadful patchouli!

Rafael said...

The sunflowers remind me of home. Our neighbor lined one of the borders between our yards with giant sunflowers. I also trampled them on occasion as I ran from their dog that I SWEARS wanted to eat me!

Also really liked your 6th sense raising!


Anonymous said...

Nice additions, Fishy. You make me think of witch hazel and creepy feelings way out in the outback. And though my feet are not ticklish, your tickle haiku made me chuckle anyway. Perfectly done!


moi said...

These are all so clever and sense-ual. I love the smell of coconut oil in the air.

Aunty Belle said...

Howdy Fishy!!

These is all sense-filled! The Florida girl in me loves that Summer Breeze,

Hope yore home and garden be filled wif' Easter joy!!