Monday, April 23, 2012

Haiku Monday: Nick Inspired

Black. White. Balderdash!
Life is lived in Light's color.
Let there be laughter!

As a young land, her
mountains proudly faced the wind
Now? Gravity rules.

It is there for you.
Open your soul to the light.
Darkness is vanquished.


Jenny said...

I love that we were given a series of photos to use for our haiku this week. And, you picked some of my favorites. I think number 2 is my favorite. Gravity... yikes... no kidding! ;-0

fishy said...

No lie. In the image the distant peaks are whole. In the area of her passage, well the debris field is huge and the peaks flattened. Of course if in this journey Land is Self .... I know all about the gravity!

chickory said...

#1 Life is lived in color. what about the subconscious?
color is vegas distracting from underlying forms. black and white is an elemental realm beyond laughter or sorrow. I like this work because it takes me to a totally different place of inquiry

#2 oh dear. i like the flow of first and second lines with the kick of humor to finish.

#3 this one reminded me of the "forest of thorns" one of the best images in the series.

WHich one you you want to be up for the contest?

chickory said...

fishy - thank you for playing!

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