Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Gone Fizzing

 In just a few hours
 the Fizz and I
will be away
on another road trip.

We will travel
 some back country roads
to places I treasure

I will maybe
 do a Cocoa Beach

drive by
 I prefer

The drama
of incredible
Sebastian Inlet

I will visit
 a  Farmer's Market
so beautiful
 get married there

will enjoy a breakfast
picnic here with
2 generations

I will  attend
 a birthday party
 for a nephew 
to deliver
 one of these

1942 vintage
 cookie jar

childhood is 20%
of our lives
it rules
the 80%

I will travel
 the old 441 route 
where images from my youth
 still remain. 


I will spend
 an afternoon 

in the company of
I seldom see
an athlete
 a noble steed
tandem spirits
pursuit of perfection
under moss draped tress
in the golden sunshine
of my childhood

on one of these days
I will visit

I hung a wind chime
In the tree by Mama's grave
Love! Whispered in chime.


Pam said...

Fishy! Happy fizzing to you! What a great trip you have planned. Enjoy, enjoy. I can imagine that you, of all people, need a trip like this on occasion to shore up your spirit and celebrate all that has come before. Don't let the little changes (or big changes) to these places get the best of you ... I hope you find the familiar!

moi said...

That's the funny thing about childhood. It influences us in ways both good and bad and the trick is to nurture the good and learn from the bad without letting it rule.

I hope your trip is nothing but good. Enjoy it and come back with photos and stories!

Buzz Kill said...

"Because childhood is 20% of our lives but it rules the 80% which follows." I like that sentiment. The Mrs would say its the other way around for me. Bwahahaha
Enjoy your road trip.

Jenny said...

I agree with Buzz, that's a lovely idea about childhood/adulthood.

Safe travels Fishy! enjoy your road trip and I hope you return refreshed from being with your family.

I love that last Haiku.

chickory said...

Your childhood is not unlike my own. old 441?!?! enjoy, Fishy. You and the Fizz travel safely and take lots and lots of photos. Loved that hotel with the surfboards!

darkfoam said...

Hey, take me with you! I promise to be sort of good. No?
Okay, you all have fun, e safe and hanks for submitting 2 very nice haiku. My 2 nd learned to sleep through all kinds of noises.