Sunday, February 12, 2012

Comment Woes! Leave Haiku Monday here

There seems to be a problem on the original
 Haiku Monday Post
 in the comments section.

Please Visit the Previous Post!
To read the parameters of this week's game
( 5-7-5. kigo and kireji) and the subject:
(Don't Mess With Mother Nature)
2 judged entries per competitor 
(write and post as many as you please)
Read entries to date on previous post.
                                                            Follow the links for visuals and more!

Wow! wow! wow! to all of you who have taken this opportunity to educate us on the subjects of your Haiku. I have learned about Mongoose and Sparrows and predator weeds! Awesome subjects all.


Anonymous said...

Fishy, I think from your re-post comment you must have gotten this second entry of mine, but I don't see it, so here it is on this comment string.

Moral Dilemma

Aliens invade.
No enemies for them here.
Bring in foreign foes?

With visual and rant at:

Caution, python article has graphic dissection of python.

Jenny said...

I was able to leave a comment on your previous post but it took a few attempts. Then I saw your new link. Sorry for your comment woes.

I'm up with visuals:

Big Pharm attempts to
replicate cures the earth will
freely give to us

moi said...

I'm up with visuals:

Beat the winter blues:
Force a sleeping beauty's bloom.
Windowsill springtime.

grins said... left this haiku on my blog.

Not in my nature
To know how to write Haikus
And Mother knows best

Aunty Belle said...

@ Curm/ Colonialist

Hee hee.

Karl said...

Good afternoon Fishy,

A few for those that underestimate mother nature.

Hurricanes coming.
Dude let's have some fun! No
accounting for brains.

Evacuate now!
Staying!... Never been so bad.
All that left, are fine.

Worst we ever had
Battened down the hatches
You check the forecast?

Anonymous said...

Law against nature.
8 billion per year gone. Poof!
Daylight Savings Time.

Arizona smart. Florida DUMB and stubborn. Daylight Savings Time costs us 8 billion dollars per year! Argghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!

Why don't we move in synch-with-nature and stop pretending that works for freaking Maine works for Florida?

Because we're DUMB!


Blood pressure!


moi said...

@Troll: I feel ya. I have a cousin who lives in Scottsdale (they do not observe DST) with whom I chat frequently. Half the year either he calls too late or I call too early. Stoooooopid.

Rafael said...


I have one:

Son of Adam cloned
Facade a perfect human
Devil child inside

You can find visuals at

Good haikuing to all and to all a good night--


BlazngScarlet said...

Chemical poison
Could it have harmed my son?
Get back to nature

There's my entry ... sorry, not posted on my blog and no visuals!

Chickory said...

Bending in defeat
a mighty Hemlock succumbs;
Adelgids triumph

I fell to the Earth
heavy and full but starving
your garbage survived

chickory said...

Fishy - I apologize the haiku above are missing their links

Bending in defeat
a mighty Hemlock succumbs;
Adelgids triumph

I fell to the Earth
heavy and full, but starving
your garbage survived

Aunty Belle said...

Bones and Pride lie cold
'neath Everest's steeple. Home?
Bird beguiled Eden.

Anonymous said...

Good ones have come in since I looked early AM. Just got to my room after a looong day. Will be interested to see the final outcome this week. Great theme, Fishy.


CJ said...

Just in the nick of time again!! Whew!

Electric heartbeat
One hundred times a minute.
Modern medicine.

Sometimes messing with the natural order of things can be good. Visuals will be up momentarily.


CJ said...

Okay, so it took more than a moment, but the visuals are up at Monkeys & Windex


fishy said...

Good job haikuers!
I am still awaiting a response from Blogger on what happened to the comments section interrupting our
game this week. Nice of y' all to keep playing despite the difficulties.

I learned a lot this week. About diverse attacks on Mother Nature as well as the viewpoints of our blog community. If you were a hurricane would you take on Karl? And OMG what a horror story about an asexual FISH! Where's the fun in that???????

Welcome to new player Colonialist.... loved your humor, please come play with us again.

Jean inspired with her request to just let our beautiful planet live. If only the powers would listen!

LOL to Pam who lifted all our spirits if not our faces.

Horrors to Chickory for the sickening garbage imagery with no warning attached! On the other hand, I did race outside to take a close look at the stand of Hemlocks along my back drive, they are a sickish color but no sign of Adelgids

Poof! was maybe the best cut of all. From my Haiku teacher Troll. I thought in Florida DST increased revenues by extending playtime for retirees? I guess not. In an earlier effort, this leader among Trolls
illuminated the foolhardy transplantation of giggling mongooses. If you missed this, well go see for yourself.

Wow! to the passionate education from Serendipity!
If any of you have not visited the links for these haiku, you should. Tough subjects with an engaging delivery.

Bravo! to Curmy for his smart, to the point, haikus.
There are days when I think we are nuts because of our policies which ruin our air, increase our debt and finance our enemies. There are those in this country who can convert a big diesel engine to 100mpg. "Our" government shut down this work years ago because it would negatively impact our automotive driven economy. Some of the decision makers should be strapped to the Washington Monument and publicly flogged.

There were two haikus which stood out for tweaking Mother Nature for positive outcomes.

Corey Jo's imagery of a tiny, post surgical baby girl, who benefited from a medical assist to Mother Nature, sure made me utter an immediate prayer of thanks. A wonderful intervention but I am not sure this is truly "messing" with MN. Here at the Pond, we too are grateful for some assistance as Blowfish has a rebuilt mesh abdomen, 5 coronary artery stents and a pacemaker.

Moi, forced us all to a better place!
Banishing the winter grays with this:

Beat the Winter blues.
Force a sleeping beauty bloom
Windowsill Springtime.

This cheerful and positive approach
to messing with Mother Nature
is a vibrant
Saint Valentine's Day gift
our winner.

Congratulations Moi !
Thanks to all.

moi said...

What a nice surprise in a field of tough contenders! Thank you, Fishy, and I'll be up at the end of the week with the topic for next week.

Happy Valentine's Day!

Jenny said...

Congrats to Moi! well deserved.

And Happy Valentine's Day.

BlazngScarlet said...

Congrats to MOI!
Fishy, once again, another tough week of having to choose ... but you did a fantastic job! =)

Jean said...

Congrats, Moi. Beautiful imagery!

Fishy, you did a great job and obviously your topic brought out incredible results from a wide range of writers. Thank you!

Anonymous said...

YaaaaHoooo for Moi!!

Nice job Fishy. Good topic.

Aunty (unsigned in )

grins said...

Yay Moi! I was getting depressed writing mine.

Anonymous said...

Congrats Moi. Lovely positive take on messing with Mother Nature. Finally just got a look at the photo-visual. Perfect for valentines day decor. Looks just the color of mine!

G'night, this kid is tired.


Anonymous said...

My first ever try at that form! Thanks for kind comment. I didn't think Haiku and Humor would go together, hin spite of the haitches.

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