Saturday, December 10, 2011

Haiku Monday: SILVER

we get the message, Sunday is not soon enough for Monday.

"Silver" is the theme for Haiku Monday, December 12, 2011.

Boxer, (who writes great haiku when motivated), is decorating  her vintage silver tree this year. Perhaps with silver creations by Chickory. No doubt Moi is striding forth in delicate silver slippers while Fleur  scatters silver noted glee.  Blowfish would love to have a Silver Cloud in any season while I am content with any serendipitous silver lining. Silver bells are ringing forth from every church while Southern Belles are wearing plenty. Holiday tables are groaning from laden silver servers, punch bowls and platters. Huntsmen like Troll and Uncle are crunching o'er frost silvered grounds while the deer sip from silvered streams. Does Karl festoon his boat in silver or Czar his domain? Perhaps Buzz toasts with silver steins  while Pam photographs her new smiling little boy!  All speak to this season for gathering joy. My favorite is this:

Moonlight silver hair
halos my mothers beauty.
Soft. Like angel wings

Enter as many haiku as you wish. We will judge two per competitor. If you write more just let us know which two are  your entries. If you post visuals at your site  let us know with an "I'm Up!" as we do use the visuals in the final judging. Please post all haiku's here. The usual  5-7-5  format applies as does the use of kireji and kigo.

Good luck to all!
Blowfish thinks we should "give a little silver something" to the winner. We are in discussion on this as we keyboard.


moi said...

Terrific topic! I could opine for days on the merits of silver versus gold . . . and most likely will this week :o)

Aunty Belle said...

Thas' a whole lotta "we" goin' on, Fishy--I think y'all is enjoyin' the collaboration.

@ Moi
Oh now--ya' doan think Silveria is the right name fer that new planet, does ya'?

fishy said...

Thanks, I look forward to your contributions.

Yeah, I noticed that too. Right about the time I was getting elbowed away from the computer. Tis the season for Folly ...

Anonymous said...

Silver slivers fall.
Diamond precision. Cool. Clean.
Santa Troll's workshop.

I'm UP!

Jean said...

two-winged silver bells
aren't silver at all. a
delicate flower.

As the Lone Ranger
said, "Hi-yo, Silver! Away!".
Don't forget Tonto.

I'm up.

Karl said...

Good afternoon Fishy,

There are many ways to go with this topic. It should be fun.

Jean you beat me to it. So much for the Lone Ranger. Oh well back to the drawing board.

czar said...

My grandma's flatware --
Summoned seasonally; serves.
Then put away: God.

Karl said...

Spear fishing with Barracuda:

Silvery sides lurk
at visions edge, flash and strike.
Cunning wins dinner.

Jean said...

Karl, I struggled with the topic.
I'd still be curious on your take on Lone Ranger.

moi said...

@ Karl: Barracuda is a surprisingly tasty fish. I had one follow me while I was snorkeling the rim of Blue Hole in Belize one year. Didn't try to bite me, just kept right on my heels. Finally, my guide got fed up and speared it. Cooked it for me and S.B. for dinner. I felt a little bad for the feller. He was just being friendly . . .

Karl said...

Sunday excitement.
Hear "Hi yo, Silver! Away."
Still love old radio.

Karl said...

Jean: Sorry I should've said, Here you go.

@ Moi: Yes they are very tasty. However you shouldn't eat them larger than 2 feet, if it lives near a reef. They carry Ciguatera. A most uncomfortable form of poisoning.

darkfoam said...

hmmmmmmmmmmm great theme.
thinking here...
i'll see what i can come up with. might be nothing though.

czar said...

Hitched in twenty twelve: We are
Seasoned . . . all too well.

Not for judging

Best political
Numbers analysis: Nate
@ fivethirtyeight.

grins said...


Not my intention to either offend or be politically correct.

Nails and wooden cross

only cost thirty pieces.

"It is done", He said.

darkfoam said...

Silver winter moon ..
Alluring shimmering globe.
Night's silent sentry..

grins said...

Bogart and Bacall,

every silver screen has them,

Here's looking at you.

Jean said...

Karl, thank you! Excellent.

Jenny said...

I'm up with visual......

Polishing away
tarnished finish of the past
shines for the future

Happy Haiku Monday!

Fleurdeleo said...

Hi, all!

Buried in the sand,
treasure glitters within reach!
Silver gum wrapper.

Tiffany's treasures:
glitter, sparkle, shimmer, shine.
Your smile dazzles me.

czar said...

@Curmy: Love the flick take.

Blowfish said...

Excellent entries!

serendipity said...

Hi Fishy,

Thanks for the invite. I am coming in late having just returned home. I was off playing.

My first entry:

Silver Light

Kansas prairie shines.
Snow geese shimmer in thousands;
Lunar eclipse light.



Visual is up at

grins said...

Czar: I have to admit I'm way too salty.

I put up some visuals this time. Nothing fancy.

Liked the silver slivers Troll.

You beat me to the ranger too jean.
Hey, was it hi-yo, hi-ho, or hi-oh I'll be on tenter hooks till I figure it out. While you're at it whats a tenter hook?

♫NWM♫ said...

What is this Silver?
A lining on a dark cloud,
or pocket lining?


Silver Christmas Tree
Nostalgic beyond belief
Its'n my living room...

Anonymous said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Jean said...

Curm, everything I saw on the web said hi-yo...but my child brain remembers it hi-oh. Probably a brain deficiency or long term hearing defect on my part. Tenterhooks..ow...think slaughter house. made it. Yay!

Aunty Belle said...

Oh zowie! MANY many good entries--

May be back later-screamin' busy day.

Anonymous said...

I cleaned up the haiku above and made it into a Troll Poll. And, for some reason, I think it's Tuesday.

Anonymous said...

Skippy Flunked Chemistry Class and embarked upon a Life-of-Crime.

"Yo, I be rich, yo!
Big heist at the smelting plant.
Half-ton of Si."

Pam said...

Hi Fishy! Great subject. A few from me:

The stylist tells me,
"We call it platinum now!"
No silver hair here!

Put silver wings on
my son's chest; make him one of
America's best.

STERLING CAT TRIBUTE: (notice double-entendre use of Sterling as Silver in title) .... ;)

Silver gray tabby
creates chaos ev'ry day.
But we love him still.

And now I have that Linda Ronstadt song in my head - --- Silver Threads and Golden Needles cannot mend this heart of mine .... will be singing it all day.

moi said...

I'm up!

Sexy on the gents,
dowdy on the gals? Flip that.
Silver’s the new blond.

(although, Pam, I'm with you.)

Rafael said...


Wow, fish pond's already jump'n!! I'd even say it's FIERCE!!

Here's my one:

Silver shimmers woo the tide
Moon lays with the Bay

Be blessed with a lightness that shines from here to there and everywhere. Into crooks and crannies, too. Fill the dark with a shining YOU--


P.S. Up with visuals at

CJ said...

Wow! Lots of competition this week.


Gold just out of reach.
I gave it my all, my best.
Better than Bronze!

Visual up at Monkeys & Windex

Good luck everyone :)


chickory said...

to annoy Pam, I gave mine titles for the first time. grherhahaha

Hermetic Chickory

Mountain stream becomes
Nobility in winter;
Forest alchemy

Two Strategies in One

Listen, it's storage.
cash later for viables
it kills vampires too.

Karl said...

Good evening Fishy,

You have your work cut out for you.

I enter one more, please judge my first and my last.

So far above the clouds.
The silver salvation flew.
Save's Zamperini!

Serendipity said...

A more seasonal entry from me for No. 2.

Frozen Silver

Snowflake Bentley shot
Thousands of unique crystals.
Silver ornament.

I always thought it was "Hi-Ho Silver. Away!", but TV was rare in our household on school nights, so never watched the Lone Ranger much.

Visual up.


Anonymous said...

Great theme Fishy and Blowfish. Looks like you have your work cut out...


Blowfish said...

Please advise which two are submitted for judging?

Aunty Belle said...

Wow, Fishy, so many fantastic entries--I ain't envyin' y'all fer the judgin' chore.

Congrats to Czar on his Silver Anniversary

PamOKC intimidates me, so I ain't gonna give this entry the title of Rodeo Daze.

Dusty cowboy dares
fate where silver scrapes hide for
an eight second ride!

Aunty Belle said...

@ Karl (Zamperini) Ha! Synchronicity--I'se half way through UNBROKEN. Ya must be readin' it too?

Aunty Belle said...

visuals at

Karl said...

On the matter of the Lone Ranger. Realizing the epic importance behind this memorable quote. I have consulted the highest authorities available and have found concurrence between the two separate sources. In that "Hi-yo, Silver away!" Is indeed the phrase used by the masked avenger. I hope this information helps to put this extremely important issue to rest.

@ Aunty Belle: I finished it a couple of weeks ago. And yes the Haiku a shameless plug for a most excellent book and the thundering beauty that was the B-29.

czar said...


OK, master of the universe: How did you embed the links, and with different text, in the comments box? I've been wanting to do so, but just haven't taken the time to figure it out.

Karl said...

@ Czar: That's "Master of the Universe" to you, Sir.

The technique was shown to me by our own beloved Chickory. If you remove the quotation marks from this HTML sting you can insert links. "Your Text"

Karl said...

Well...That's what I get for being a smart ass. I will e-mail you a file, that will show you how to do it.

Pam said...

First two! Sorry, I missed the two limit.

Chickie: i used titles for the first time also!

grins said...

Ah! Tenterhooks were nails driven in a frame to insure wool cloth didn't shrink. You can rest at ease now.

czar said...

@Karl et al.

Editing lesson number one:

Master of the Universe Karl


Karl, master of the universe

Back me up here, Moi, Aunty . . .

Thanks, Karl. I received the email.

fishy said...

Hello Haikuers,
Blowfish is away until late afternoon. I could skip out on his participation and get to this serious business of judging but.... well I do have three decades invested and it is the season for sharing so ... come on back a bit later.

moi said...

@Czar: correct.

In other words:

When pressed, masters of the universe like Karl are reluctant to pick a favorite way to dispense with their enemies. "But guns are perhaps the most expedient way to go," he suggests.

But, "I'm reluctant to pick a favorite way to dispense with my enemies," says Master of the Universe Karl. "However, I do find that a simple handgun is the most expedient method at the moment."

Serendipity said...

LOL, Czar. You are of course correct, but only the Master of the Universe can be right every time all the time!

Moi, then he is stuck with the decision of which caliber?


the 2nd most interesting man (and dos equis fan) in the world said...

when car makes a gun shape with his hand? real bullets come out when he pulls the invisible trigger; and chuck norris weeps.

Blowfish said...

I'll make this quick, dinner is smelling fine.
All entries have entertained, and this competition gave me reason to hang out a bit in Fishy's domain :-)

The winner is Fleurdeleo with:

Buried in the sand
treasure glitters within reach!
Silver gum wrapper.

A funny thing happened on the way to the decision.
Fishy read the entries while I sat across the room, eyes closed, focusing on the rhythm and content of each haiku. When Fishy read this one I lost all composure as this is what I thought I heard:

Buried in the sand,
treasure glitters within reach!
Silver gum'd Rapper.

No doubt you all know now why I do not haiku.
Good week to all. Congratulations Fleur we look forward to your hosting next week's game. If you cannot please report in at Sir Troll's.

czar said...

Brilliant, Blowfish, and congratulations, Fleur. Any way you can get it.

moi said...

Bwahahahahaha! That's priceless, Blowfish. Congrats, Fleur! Twas indeed a most excellent haiku, with a d'oh! twist we can all relate to.

fishy said...

My turn!

Please note that Blowfish and I made separate lists of our top 3. His were:
Troll's silver slivers
Curmudgeon's silver screen
and Fleur's

My top 3 were:
Karl's Silver Ranger
Moi's Flip that!
and Fleur's

While Blowfish has shared his hearing problem with the public,
he did not substitute his mis-hearing for the actual brilliant haiku by Fleur.

Could't you just feel the racing pulse eagerness of the find only to crash into disappointment over the discard? So much of life follows this pattern, and yet, we still look. Bravo Fleur on this oh so well deserved win!

chickory said...

one can never be disappointed when Fleur takes the prize -she consistently turns in an elegant haiku. Congratulations!

Anonymous said...

Fleur's twist was perfect, but Blowfish's version was way funnier.

Nice job from the pond!

Congrats Fleur!


Jean said...

Congratulations, Fleur!

I think this was the funnest haiku contest so far.

Much thanks to Fishy and Blowfish!

Madeleine Begun Kane said...

Lovely haiku!

Karl said...

Good morning Fishy and Blowfish,

Thank you for hosting it has been a fun time.

Congratulations Fluer! You're always at the top of the pack.

chickory said...

yes I forgot to thank our hosts for a fine hosting job. Blowfish was a fun edition. perhaps one day there will be an uncle and SB and TreyJ and other shadow bloggers' hosting.

Fleurdeleo said...

"Silver gum'd rapper" is brilliant! I only wish I had thought of it!

I am absolutely honored to have won this go-round with all the lovely, poignant and precise entries. Absolutely thrilled!

I will host. Theme will be up Saturday.

Aunty Belle said...

Ho Ho HO! Good show Fleur!!

Swimmin' good time heah at yore pond, Fishy an' Blowfish!!

grins said...

Good stuff, Fleur!

Rafael said...

Congrats to EVERYONE for some great haiku. With special congrats to Fleur, who rose to the top of the cream puff!!

Wonderful hosting as well, fish people!


Anonymous said...

Congrats Fleur. Nice hosting Fish people!

CJ said...

Congrats Fleur! Delightful poem was yours.

Wonderful hosting Fishy & Blowfish, not to mention a great theme.


Jenny said...

Congrats to Fleur. and thank you Fishy and Blowfish for hosting.

Fleurdeleo said...

Hi, again! December 19th Haiku Monday theme is up at Fleur's Pearls!