Monday, May 30, 2011

Haiku Monday: Cliche`

The fat lady sings
Our  red, white and blue high notes
While patriots weep

Our balancing act?
We weigh our bad paper now,
not golden eagles

If I am lying
I am dying to see you
standing tall again

It's a crying shame
These legislators blame game
forfeit our good name


moi said...

Good stuff, Fishy, especially the first one.

And in the words of Lyle Lovett: "I pray that I'm worth fighting for."

fishy said...

Hey Moi,
how's that platinum life coming along? Amen to you and Lyle.
I agree I should have stopped at one.
Blowfish wanted them all in because,
"everyone doesn't have the same funny bone".
God bless us all.

Anonymous said...

Very good!

Jenny said...

Oh, I really like the last one.

Happy Haiku Monday AND Memorial Day.

fishy said...

wonderful to see you my friend.
You have been missed and thanks for the exclamation.

Oh bother! You are proving Blowfish right about the funny bones. ;-)

Aunty Belle said...

the first is mah favorite--all the visuals are good--an' I thtink PamOKC is fasctorin' in the visuals this time.

--I'se workin' today.

Not sure I'll git a haiku up....least Uncle did git the flag hung (see Front Porch)

Is ya cookin' out? readin' in a hammock? balloonin'?

fishy said...

Hey Aunty,
workin' the holiday? Poor Uncle, no best girl to play wif.

Blowfish and I are having ourselves an evening cruise out on the big water. We'se takin' a picnic supper and the cameras. It'll be a fine time but I surely do miss my kinfolks the most in the Summertime.

chickory said...

i liked if im lying im dying. great multi meanings. all are good and all speak to the sadness that comes with this day. what are we doing? what are the goals? i dont even know anymore. great haikus all. which will be up for judging though?

fishy said...

you know Blowfish swears he never heard the expression,
If I'm lyin', I'm dyin' until he moved out of NYC.
On the sad front, yeah what are we doing?
Dying by lying.

As for judging, I have not seen any limits and this week it IS a visual haiku contest.

Pam said...

Fishy Fishy Fishy! Excellent work! Ooooh, you are going to make it tough for me, aren't you? Your visuals definitely work with the haiku, and all especially timely.