Sunday, January 9, 2011

Haiku Monday: Crescent

Hesitant crescent
Insecure of happiness
Raggedy Ann smiles

  Pillsbury crescents
Original,  preserves taste
Nineteen sixties Mom


                                                               Siesta Beckons
                          Play! Crescent Beach volleyball
                                   Sand crusted six packs


Istanbul reveals
Architectural thieving
Crescents once Crosses

By the crescent light
Dad's tapping foot and crooning
Silvery lessons


Jenny said...

I like the pictures and all of your haikus. The first is my favorite mostly because I just came across my old Raggedy Ann today.

Anonymous said...

Excellent. Inspired. Superlative. With or without pictures.

fishy said...

We had Mermaid's Raggedy Ann and Ande out for decorations this year at Christmas. So when I read "crescent" as this weeks subject those smiles immediately came to mind. I guess in some cases, the child within is never far from the surface.

Thank you for all those descriptives. Everything I know of haikus I learned via your game.
So glad you came back Troll.

moi said...

I must admit I have a fondness for that Pillsbury taste. Kind of like Fresca and Cheetos.

At any rate, these are all superlative, with my fave being your schimfping of Istanbul's revisionist architecture. A marvelous, tragic, crumbling ruin of a city.

Buzz Kill said...

A crescent as a smile is one I didn't think of. Nicely done.

sparringK9 said...

nice collection of both personal and universal! that raggedy ann does look a bit worried. i blame those eyebrows.

you mean raggedy ann and andy, right?

having visited Istanbul, i remember seeing constantinople break through now and then. that is how its done: civilizations piling upon the conquered

Jenny said...

just wonderingn when you'll be posting pictures with the new camera. :-) !!!!!

Aunty Belle said...

Aw...mercy, but that Raggedy Ann is the winnin' VISUAL fer me!

@ K9,
uh, NO, she meant Raggedy AndE. Bwhahahahaha!

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