Tuesday, September 7, 2010


Seems like most all of us in the Troll Family of Bloggers is in need of a hug.

I think we are all  badgered by the news on every continent.

 Maybe by just too much Summer heat, or the long Gulf worry.

Perhaps extended angst over business or economics is wearing us down.

 Worst of all, maybe we are stressed over loved ones in jeopardy or lost.

The why doesn't matter. There's enough to go around. Plenty.

So here is my hug to you bloggers.
Images of things which comfort :-)


Aunty Belle said...

Fishy, youse jes' the charmin'est ichthy I knows.

Buzz Kill said...

Garden and Guns? Kill Weeds with your Shotgun? As intriguing as that sounds, the Mrs would kick my ass if I brought that magazine into the house. Bwahahaha

Iced tea and a bed with clean sheets are very comforting though.

Pam said...

"The Troll Family of bloggers" .... awwwww! Did you ever hear from that rascal? I hope you did and hope he's fine and doing very Troll-like things.

Karl said...

Good evening Fishy,

It's all of the above and the hug is gratefully accepted.

Kymical Reactions said...

Darling Fishy! I've missed you so! These are delightful comfort items. I'd personally add some chocolate of some sort, and a good snuggly blanket, but it isn't about me. :) I hope you're fine and that your safe from any and all tropical storms.

fishy said...

I think I was inspired by the comfort of the picture of your Porch.

That is one awesome magazine. You should try one. Photographically beautiful and intelligently written.
I think the idea was to have one magazine all members of the household would enjoy.

Frankly I LOVE the idea of taking a shotgun to weeds which are taking over my former lawn. I took a soil test to the extension lab and guess what the problem is? My SOIL has "low fertility".

My keyboard is mum!
However, lunch at the Salty Dog was great, the white sugar sand a comfort, the downtime with all of us Fishy's in one place ... bliss.

All of the above does seem to apply to me as well. I feel badgered by unending waves of bleak. I actually struggle to hold onto a modicum of positivity and resiliency that once was an abundant standard like ... breathing.

I need all the comfort I can get and as we discussed over at your place this blogger group is often the brightest spot.

Where have you been???? Hope you are well and eagerly approaching a new football season.
You are right, there should be chocolate! I think that bed with the pine cone comforter looks pretty snuggly. A fine retreat, a beautiful bed, a LOL book, a pitcher of sangria and a box of chocolates? Sign me up!

Anonymous said...

Comfort on Thursday?
Images? Comments? Maybe
Living on sponge cake ...

moi said...

Shotgun garden weeds? I needed that laugh.

Jenny said...

Oh, I love this! What a soothing collection of pretty, pretty things.

I love that green/white room.

Happy Friday to you Fishy!

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