Sunday, May 16, 2010

Sky Art !


Buzz Kill said...

The Chinese really do make kite flying an art form. I use to build basic paper kites as a kid but never had much luck with them. I always got them stuck in trees or telephone lines - like Charlie Brown.

Pam said...

Almost like a Mute Monday post!

Aunty Belle said...

ha!! Those octopi made be smile.

Aian't flied to kite since I wuz grasshopper high.

Unknown said...

Let's go fly a kite... How wonderful Fishy! I have some kites here with your name on them!

Jenny said...

I was thinking the same, nearly a Mute Monday which is what I'm nearly doing also with my 10 pictures.

I love the sea-themed kites. And they really are sky art. I like that.

fishy said...

You know I have given some thought to how the Chinese have given the world so many really good things but are a repressive nation. Reminds me of the ,
"I know why the caged bird sings",
poetry of Angelou.

Exactly! I miss our Mute Mondays. A lot. In fact I have been toying with the idea of suggesting we do a looser version of Mute Monday. No theme assignment just sort of a " Visual Variety " post. Another thought I've had is to sort of combine the Troll inspired Mute Monday and Haiku games by having the visuals followed by one haiku.

Aunty Belle,
Did ya think the faces on the Octopi looked sort of alien-ish?

Is you far from the beaches? Get on up early one morning and take yourself and some sky art down to the waters edge and run through the surf like you still was grasshopper height. Iffen you fergot how I 'spect the know how will return or maybe some of the clan chillens you talk about can tutor ya.

Come home and play with your lonesome for you Mama.

I think your pictures inspired me.
Your island retreat looks like a grand playground. At some of the beaches, folks send up their sky art and stake 'em to the ground where they swoop and dance
overhead whilst everybody enjoys frisbees, vollyball and body surfing. Sigh.

Jenny said...

I like picking my random photos at the end of the weekend and I'd be in if you wanted to host a modified version of Mute Monday. Plus, I'm always happy to have a place to pimp out my videos.

Aunty Belle said...

Fishy, come over to the porch an' add a name or two to the discussion--Pam cracks me up.