Monday, May 3, 2010

How is your Monday?

Monday rain beckons
Oh to be in my wellies
Playing in the rain!

First Monday in May
Administrative duties
Goodbye to money!

Appointment canceled
priorities reassigned
Maybe tomorrow

A cup of hot tea
Comforts weary designer
Attitude adjusts


sparringK9 said...

nice haikus!

my monday is similar to yours. lets hope for a better tomorrow.

Pam said...

Troll's haikus are getting into everyone's psyche. I find myself putting a haiku into various situations! Glad you had a beautiful Monday. Thanks for stopping by today.

Jenny said...

My Monday started leaving for work late, being consumed by traffic, arriving to a phone ringing and a dog puking.

After work, I went for a run. I pushed my head phones deep into my ears and got out of my head.

At about 2.1 miles I saw how to finish my chair and I credit YOU.

So, my day ended better than it began.

and, I beat the rain home after the run. As K9 said,

let's hope for tomorrow. :-)

Aunty Belle said...

Monday, tea for 'tude
It is almost tomorrow!
Now,Tuesday's Haiku?

As for yore Choice and Consequence post...

Hmmn---well, as to yore client/friend--thar's a reason NOT to do bidness wif' "friends."

But, now Fishy, as to Americans lookin' to git good deals...ah, din't ya work HARD to git a good deal on yore FizzMobile? Ain't nuthin' wrong wif wise use of one's meager resources.

What's wrong is duplicity an' yore "friend" dern well took them pics on purpose to cheat ya'. END OF STORY.

Happens in every industry:

Lady Bountiful to Aunty:
"Won't ya jes' write a teeeny tiny bit of copy, oh say, 20 pages, fer our organization's history--we's a non-profit ya know. And it's our 50th year gala!"

"I know, but I ain't a non-profit, I have a habit of working with the lights on. Does ya ask the local utilities to cut ya some slack since youse non-profit? no? Why is that?"

Professor to Aunty: "I really admired yore recent article on quantum psychological synergy. How do you suppose that would look applied to artificial intelligence synapses? Jes' a rough idea? Jes' curious, ya know?" Six months later professor publishes paper wif' Aunty's analysis. Prof gits speaking tour, Aunty wears "DODO" sign again.

Meanwhile Fishy, can ya send me a swatch of the blue stag fabric????

sparringK9 said...

LOL aunty! "habit of working with the lights on" howwwwwwwwwwwl. gotta back up and read previous post...

fishy said...

Thank you. Sure described my Monday, all by 11am.

Sooooo much easier than
iambic pentameter!

" being consumed by traffic", so well said and an experience I try to avoid. Since I was not on the epiphany run with you, best give the credit to Boxer. Amazing how a little separation can refine a creative vision. Looking forward to the post of finished chair :-)


Tuesday's tea got cold
Over data entry errors
Nitwits corrected

On the choice and consequences, well she began as a client but those relationships often bloom into lasting friendships. I agree, not this one. I even council clients it is best to stay on a business only relationship until projects are complete. Problem is, homes are ever evolving so they are never "done".

I reckon I wear that "DODO" sign too often. But there is a fine, shifting line in keeping the client over the long term and keeping the relationship professional only. Sigh.

Bout that blue stag fabric. One of my favorites . A heavy upholstery weight printed linen manufactured in England. VERY expensive so this fabric is not stocked. It is produced once sufficient orders have been place.
Probably a screen which will never be retired, too beautiful and too classic. Takes 14-16 weeks to get it once it is ordered so also not for tight scheduled projects.
I will send you an e-mail on how to order a swatch.

That Aunty DOES have a way of making her points clear!

Aunty Belle said...

Thanks fer fabric info--too rich fer Pork Rind bidness people, I fear.

NEW POST up on Porch..come by when ya can sit a spell. said...

nice friends,

my mondays so great..hopefully tomorrow much2 better.