Monday, November 9, 2009

Touch Screen Technology


Buzz Kill said...

My kids have those big smart screens in their classrooms now. Teachers can save class notes, homework and answers to PDF files (in color) that they post on their websites. How cool is that?
I, on the other hand, have a phone with a touch screen that I keep fat fingering the wrong buttons. I wasn't trained or built for touch technology.
Happy MM!

h said...

Machine works because there are demons in the glass. Destroy them all! Grrherhahahahaha.

I have the same problem Buzz does.

Happy Mute Monday!

Vixen said...

I was wondering if someone would do this one. Excellent. Growing technology!


moi said...

Very cool! I am patiently waiting for it in the Mac. Happy Mute Monday!

fishy said...

Then your kids school district has better funding than we enjoy locally. I have read retention of the images is better in this format of teaching, but the retention of knowledge is less. This is definitely "cool" school technology.

"Touched by a demon?" One day I will write a post on my adventures with my touch screen hand held computer which is marketed as a cell phone. Sheeeeessssshhhhhhhh, I never felt so stupid in my life as I did conversing with a 20 something
in the store about my confusions. I wanted to touch that arrogant technospeaking geekizoid with a baseball bat.

BUT .... I love my DoodleBuddy! I nearly missed boarding a plane because I was so engrossed in this touch screen , modern version of an etch-a-sketch.
Hope you have a fun Monday.

fishy said...

Too predictable huh? well, the technology is amazing if not too touching.

You and Blowfish! I am waiting for the price of those touch screen drafting tables to come down from the stratosphere. And those big interactive screens the media uses.... imagine having one of those in your office for presentations on projects.
I am like HGTV's Candace Olsen on Divine Design, I still do drawings, rather than graphics, because my clients relate better to the personal aspects of a drawing. That will change as the age group of clients gets younger.

Good Monday wishes to you each.

Jenny said...

I was trying to do something with my camera and without thinking, took my finger and wiped it across the screen. Nothing happened! It's not my iphone. I wonder how this will mess up our motor skills? or help them?

Nice way to play MM.

pam said...

I thought someone might go this route with the theme! And wow, did you find loads of images to back it up! Do a post about the techno kid and also some of your drwaings! BTW, meaning to ask, how is the neighbor's project going? Done by now?

Aunty Belle said... currant, Fishy!!

Very touchable theme.

Happy MM!

fishy said...

There is an entire research area on the use of thumbs anticipation of their being repeat motion injuries like with carpel tunnel syndrome. Yikes...a new specialty "techno usage side effects".

I almost did a post on twins, but then I kept running across images of conjoined twins which made me so sad I didn't want to do that post. On Chez Ugly .... yep it is done, our nice lady is vastly happier and hubby is taking lots of credit.

there are things about these new technologies I really like, and others I really don't. I need to go to computer school! I often have the thought, " this gizmo can do what I need it to do but I don't know how to"
So frustrating!
I actually was on the phone a while back with some techno support person and after several frustrating attempts to correct the issue the technochic on the phone said, " not to hurt your feelings, but if you have a kid around I could tell him or her how to do this in 15 seconds or less." Ouch!

Happy Monday !

sparringK9 said...

you are a techno geek! i approve! interesting and entertaining MM! have a good one.

Kymical Reactions said...

I wish these public touch screen things also came with an antibacterial mode.

Happy MM Fishy!

Anonymous said...

I am more an admirer of technology than a savvy user! Just ask the 20 somethings down at the AT&T center. They now take turns on who gets the Fishy questions because, I have lots of questions and,
I require them to communicate in a format I can understand. Which is a different language than their norm.

There will be more and more of them! If you haven't already done so, do get some collodial silver spray or cream .... the residual effects of the silver, which is anti-viral, anti-fungal, anti-bacterial, lasts about 24 hours or so.


Anonymous said...


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