Thursday, October 1, 2009

A Thank You Note for Bloggers

Today I am celebrating my 100th post on this BLOG.

Course I would not have known that had the dashboard function not informed me. I haven't been keeping count. I also am not a daily blogger. I have tried to be a regular participant in the Mute Monday activity but other than that I have posted randomly. My first post was October 24, 2008. Discounting the MM game, that's a bit more than a blog a week. What FUN this has been for me!

I came to this interesting blog community by happenstance. I visited a website searching for French antiques which also has an accompanying blog. On that blog an unusually knowledgeable and witty comment had been left by someone called " Aunty Belle". Curious, I traveled to her blog and found the MM game displayed there. I then traveled around to the blogs of the MM players and found lots to hold my interest. So for a while I visited these blogs, mostly on Mondays, occasionally leaving an anonymous comment. I was content to be a spectator. Then I began to visit the MM bloggers on other days of the week and again, I would occasionally leave
anonymous comments. Eventually, the comments I left became recognizable as a repeat anon to one of you, I think it was one of the Seattle Summiteers who called me on it. Thank you!

Like many of you I have elected to blog anonymously. Thus I created "Fishy", described my location as the "Pond" , my status as married to a "Blowfish" with whom I share our wonderful child "Mermaid" . I don't really have any big secrets in my life. The general blogging guideline I received was to follow this path to avoid the potentiality of stalkers. Either to myself or family members. What I did not forsee was how much fun it would be to describe my life in this format. I find it very entertaining and , in a way, liberating. I might write on this blog, as I did in my first post, about a personal comfort I enjoy, but it is unlikely to be a bit of history I would share with my next door neighbor.

I can be honest on this blog, and comment on your posts, without those in my physical realm ever having the opportunity to use my thoughts, feelings or words as fodder for their gossip or other bad habits. This blog community allows much freedom to be. I think most people "edit" behavior and conversation by environment. That's a good thing, like not playing baseball in the house. Or to not tell your husbands lifelong friend he is a world class jackass. Or to not tell your neighbor with an ObamaBiden sign on their car you'd like to hold them accountable for their decision. Can you do all these things? Sure! But, it probably is not your best option.
One of the joys of a blog is you can tell the multitudes your husband's long time friend is a skank. I love that.

Boxer, K9, and Aunty Belle have all had recent posts on the benefits of blogging, the people behind the avatars, or the reasons for misdirection. All very entertaining, and certainly we all weighed in on why, how, when we each choose to spend time on this activity. The recent scrap at K9's dogyard was an awesome demonstration of free speech, free exchange of ideas, and a great education on the realities of a shifting American base all across this country. Even some from other shores. God, I loved that ! It has been a very long time since I have been in a room full of people where the exchange was nearly that interesting. That is a sad statement, but true.

I have been engaged, time and time again by the smart, sassy, kind, nurturing, funny, bitchy, erudite and informative interactions this blog community has offered. I have "met" people I will likely never be introduced to and yet there is a sense of "knowing" a Troll who loves his country and his Gators. Loathes stupidity, especially when associated with certain political parties, will travel long distances to help a relative and take care of a dog. Will show up to protest what he does not agree with, has a wonderful approach to being Uncle Troll, gives no quarter on issues of faith and sometimes shares his angst about the search for his Helen of Troll. Or, what to wear to a wedding or what style of hair and clothing women find most alluring in a man his age. Amazingly, I have discovered through this blog I once lived in Troll Country but I will likely never know if I know Troll.

I have seen a blog community of "strangers" offer counsel and prayer in the difficult patches like Pam's extended hospital vigil for her sister, or Boxer's grief with the loss of beloved family both four legged and two. We all sent blessings to Australia when Gypsy closed down her blog because life and her struggle with MS led her to that decision. We have witnessed the difficulties and absences which earmark Aunty Belles commitment to " seein after Granny" or K9's stunning decision to watch the hawk feast on her beloved hen so the loss would not be for "nothing". This blog shares in a way which is rarely experienced in realtime. I find this blog reminds me of the March family in "Little Women" because so much of what influenced that family's life came from letters and conversations with visitors. Here, we are all effected, perhaps influenced, by the interactions of this blog. What a present for us all.

I also find I have been fortunate to join this blog community during a pivotal time in the history of our nation. Big issues of faith, economics, politics, war, terrorism , bailouts, and even the tenor of our national character have been on the posts. We have benefited by the viewpoints of occasional foreign participants and certainly from the reports from our respective locales.
Very different views have been on display with many going toe to toe with opponents but in most cases with great passion coupled with great civility. In this way, our blog has demonstrated what is so wonderful about people. It has shown antagonists and protagonists can and should engage in exchanges of views for the awareness it brings to all the participants. I found on the blog far more in depth scrutiny of issues than will ever be heard from the mouth of a politician or a newscaster. It has been great!

Thank You All! for being so welcoming to your bloggersphere and for being so generous in sharing your wit, wisdom and solace with Fishy.


h said...

Superlative writing, as per usual. You sure it was ME who asked about hair and fashion? I wear Golf Shirts about 350 days per year and get my hair cut at the Barber College. Cut not styled.
Once by a newbie who said " I ain't never cut no white man's hair befo".

fishy said...

I am sure Troll :-)

Jenny said...

What a lovely post. I remember those anonymous "fishy" comments. I think K9 once said "Fishy sounds Fishy" and it made me laugh. We have a wonderful community here and when you said "It has been a very long time since I have been in a room full of people where the exchange was nearly that interesting" - I don't think that's a sad statement, because I believe the same thing.

I look forward to your 200th post, Fishy! Thanks for coming out from the shadows and Happy 100th.

sparringK9 said...

wow fishy. that was great. troll is right, you really are a very good writer. i remember how upset i got about the man who made his wife live in the ugly house.
(did i miss a post on the blowfishes best friend is a skank? i definitely want to see that one. im sure it will be a ROFLMAO)

this post damn near near brought a tear to my eye. we have all benefitted from your arrival -your writing is always a treat, though i believe we are still waiting for our princess rooms....*wink*
and thanks for bringing the little mermaid in too. she is delightful.

happy 100th blog! i think i will have a piece of cake -dont give me an edge..i like "middles"

pam said...

Awwww, Fishy! This is a most excellent post. I need to do a post about how I stumbled into blogging. I will do that right after the Project Runway update ... Meanwhile, I have to agree with you about this accidental community of people and their attributes of intelligence, humor, outrageous humor at that, anonymity (sp?) ... and Mute Mondays. Congrats for 100 and many more to come!!!!

Kymical Reactions said...

Fishy, you are a true treasure. I always enjoy reading your posts, as they 'reach' to me and make me feel I am a part of your stories.

I remember that I got started in blogging around this time last year, after reading a comment on moms blog. The comment was from the Troll and it was about my beloved Sooners. tsk tsk, that Troll! :)

I too can't wait for your 200th post!

Buzz Kill said...

You, K9, Troll, Boxer, Shamu, Moi and all the other regulars are very prolific and insightful in your writings. That's why I tag along even though I don't have that much to say. I'm more of a bystander.
I found this group, interstingly enough, by wanting to know more about Top Chef and 1st reading Amuse Biatch, which then got me to Karmic Kitchen. So you could really say I'm just here for the food. Congrats on 100th birthday!

fishy said...

You know , you make a very good point. Perhaps the NOT being in the room is what actually energizes the
debates. And YES!, I definitely think it is a good thing these exchanges occur on the blogs. The bit of sadness is that gathered people no longer do this. It really has been a very long time since I have been in a room full of people where the conversations were much beyond standard chit chat. Except for the first Southern Mysteries meeting.... that was good.

Wow, do you really think I have 100 more things to say without redundancy?

No tears for Rotty! I am so energized to know this is a group of really good people who have shared the tough stuff and been nurtured by this blog community. That really rocks.

I will probably NEVER blog on the subject of the loathesome creep of a Blowfish friend. UGH! He comes through here twice a year and I told him a few years back if I came down the drive and found him on my property again I would shoot on site, without warning, and drag his sorry carcass over the threshold. I'd have more remorse if I ran over a squirrel.

It was great for me to receive all the support and follow up from the bloggers on the Cruel Man/Chez Ugly project. Sometimes I am given what I think of as an assignment from God. This was one of those and I had to really struggle to find a way to help her without having him shut down all hope. Now that the project is done .... he is so proud of "his" decision to improve his investment. I just don't know how I would have made it through this volunteer project without the
blogvent. I sure hope I managed to learn the lessons God intended for me thru helping them.

I have NOT abandoned the future Princess Room post. I just had to put it on the back burner for several reasons. One day you will visit the Pond and surprise! the Princess Room(s) will be there.

Middle huh? Trying to skip the sugar rush or the calories?

Thank you! I look forward to learning how you made your way to this blog community.

A " treasure" is a wonderful thing to be. Such a nice comment Kym, no wonder your Mama delights in your companionship. I am so glad you blog here because I think the age mix is part of what makes this blog community great.

You're a foodie? As good a path as any. I really like the personal interests cross references on this blog, from food, fashion, travel, gardening and of course, Secretariat. Sortof keeps things moving along and really Buzz, haven't I seen you get out of the passenger seat a time or two?

To everyone of you who had nice things to say about writing this blog .... THANK YOU! My dream as a young person was to write and illustrate children's books. I could come up with great stories for kids but couldn't do the illustrations. As time has passed, I have found the urge to write renewed, have outlined a book and hope I will have the courage to follow through. Maybe the blog is serving as a warm up exercise.

Karl said...

Good morning Fishy,

Well said!

Happy 100th that's pretty good for a blog that's less than a year old. I just did my 50th and I've been at it since 2006.

Although not new to blogging. I am new to this group and find it refreshing, how these folks can discuss and debate with the level of respect and decorum not seen a lot of groups.

fishy said...

Nice of you to come calling. 50 blogs in 3 years?.... wow I must be as chatty on the blog as I am in person. Yes! I so agree with you, this particular blog community has more respect, diversity and depth than most I have encountered.

Karl said...

Maybe I should have mentioned, I started out as a "freementor". (one who has a blog to create an identity for commenting on other blogs)

Unknown said...

Congrats Mama Fish! I'm thrilled that you have found this to be so effective an outlet for you! Although, I remember a time when you fussed at me for having more online "friends" than real ones ;) Nonetheless this has been wonderful for you all around and I'm greatful you invited me into your group! I trully enjoy the banter and the hard fired responses not to mention the eloquent ones... I've always been amazed by your tallents as a writer and I'm thrilled that now there are others who get to experience your written charm! Awesome!

fishy said...

I love it when you come splash in the home pond. Thanks for the kind words... it is a special treat when one of your own thinks you do something good :-)

moi said...

Happy 100th post, Fishy! I've enjoyed reading you and getting to know you. Your ugly home post still resonates . . .

And, yes, SeƱor Troll did indeed seek advice on both hair color AND what to wear to a wedding. I never forget a fashion request :o)

fishy said...

Ditto! It really has been a pleasure,
Thanks for your backup
with Troll. Interesting still, how much the cruel man/chez ugly post resonated.

Doom said...

I am always late. I was probably born that way and I know I am really slow about dying. Anyway.

Though I am late to both post and to your blogging work, I feel I should say something. I wish to say, "No, thank you."

I really have enjoyed what I have read here. I can only guess that I am not alone, if I would lay money on it. If what you write helps you in ways, great. But I think it touches others very much as well. And, frankly, we outnumber you. So, thanks.

fishy said...

Late IS better than never! Thanks for the kind words. I expect you are correct, blogging is good for the participants on either side of the keyboard :-)

Aunty Belle said...

DA-da dadada,dada,dada,da, da-da-a!
Take a victory lap round yore pond FISHY!!! Hooray fer ya' 100 blogs?!?!?!

Smiled all the way thru this charinin' post--ain't ya jes' gone an said what we all have thought-- this is a special blob of bloggers!! heh.

Fishy, I likes that we has two mama daughter bloggers, PamOKC and KYMical, Fishy and Mermaid!

All the regulars knows Aunty would squeeze 'em til the cried UNCLE! but I did want to mention I'se been so pleased to have Karl jump on board.

And, uh Helen of Troll??

Endearin' post, Fishy-chile'.

fishy said...

So glad you made it to the Pond despite the traveling. Thanks for all the praising commentary and YES! indeed this is an unusual bloggerville. Karl is a nice,
(very polite), addition and I expect more will find their way via the MM game.

Nice of you to welcome Mermaid. I do find the regional diversity as well as the age diversity one of the feathers in our blogger cap.

Can't hardly find the words to say how much I have enjoyed my "visits" on your Porches :-)

Savannah said...

Congrats on your 100th post Fishy. Wjat a great achievement and milestone.

I never really left the blogosphere and can be found by clicking on my name. I couldn't believe it when I read my name in your post and I thank you so much for remembering me. You probably haven't realised this but I have continued to read all your posts, I've just been lurking. You are a gifted writer and so very charming.

I would love you to visit some time if you have a mind to. I still have my struggles, but don't we all? Somehow it never stops me from blogging though it does slow me down from time to time. It really is a special place isn't it?

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