Sunday, October 11, 2009

Roller Coaster Physics


moi said...

I LOVE roller coasters so I'm glad to see there is, in fact, major science behind them. Phew. Happy Mute Monday!

h said...

Excellent. I predict nobody's going to blog-jynx you with this wonderful interpretation.

I wonder if the drunk carny in charge of maintaining those things understands the physics involved?


Happy Mute Monday!

Buzz Kill said...

Whenever I think of carnies I think Joe Dirt. I too love the coasters and the pure physics involved in taking a person right to the edge (and sometimes over) of hurling. My kids just went to Great Adventure last weekend and road the Kingda Ka (it's similar to your 9th pic from the bottom) as well as every other ride they had - twice. There are no crowds this time of year.

Happy MM!

Jenny said...

uff dah, my stomach is unahppy just looking at these. Gravity is here for a reason people! To keep us safely on the ground. Happy MM.

Doom said...

Excellent. Although I think I am getting dizzy... maybe a little ill. Let's go again, Mom!

fishy said...

Why am I not surprised you LOVE this experience? And yes indeed I too am grateful for the physics governing the designs because people I love get on these things.

Thank You! I actually enjoy the fact so few bloggerjinx happen. I guess that is a testimony to the diversity of the MM players.

Thankfully the impaired carney is NOT in charge of the physics; just in charge of making sure the foolish ones are 'safely' locked in.

I am not a person who enjoys riding that "edge" you mention.So do you ride these things with your kids? I was never the parent to go with Mermaid on the coasters. She loved the ones at Busch Gardens and the ones in Orlando's theme parks.

HOWL! " gravity is here for a reason people!"....well said! On the other hand, I have enormous respect for the applied physics.

Dizzy? How about terrorized? Go again Mom? ... first do you have to give Mom smelling salts, ice down her inflamed brain and pass the rosary?

Buzz Kill said...

I always ride with the kids - when I go. Great Adventure NJ is not my favorite place to go becuae the NY/North Jersey crowd goes there and it's not pleasant. I have yet to ride Kingda Ka because it is truely scarey up close. Maybe one day.

Aunty Belle said...

true to Fishy Form, ya givcs us a charmin" MM!

Rollickin' good fun!

pam said...

I'm a guaranteed puker on these things, but love your theme!

Lt. Colonel Maximum Damage said...

i used to love them - now i can never ride again. grrrherhhahaha to troll. yes. carnival workers. um, a bit sketchy. happy MM


(ardliar stole my avatar so i am "going" as nephew today

Unknown said...

Wonderful job Fishy! I thought you hated roller coasters!

Anonymous said...

Sooo...I'm guessing you like roller coasters?

Happy MM!

fishy said...

Unlike you and the Troll, I associate "carnie" workers with traveling shows not permanent structures. I do not know how anyone gets on one of those temporary coasters unless they are suicidal.
Maybe we should ask Moi?

Nope. I do not do roller coasters.
But I can admire from afar the genius of the applied physics :-)

See above answers. I don't ride the things but I find them interesting sculptural forms, definitely interesting science and the people watching? ... priceless along as you stay out of the hurl zone.

MinorityReport said...

Very cool. I used to teach at a school that ran a trip to an amusement park each year for the physics class. :) Happy MM.

fishy said...

Aunty, well now I hope this brung a smile to yer spirits.

I might could find myself doing that activity without getting on the roller coaster. Truth is, when Mermaid was little, I got queasy just watching her stand in the line!

Cool teacher! Happy MM .

Kymical Reactions said...

I love a good roller coaster.

happy MM, Fishy. I've finally managed to get something up at my place.

Karl said...

Good evening Fishy,

This is great! All the angular momentum and tangents turned into fun, it just make one want to go for a ride.

In the early seventies, I worked as a ride operator in a carnival. The only physics I understood the time were that; the more fun a girl had on your ride, the higher your chances for a date later.

Vixen said...

Very interesting! I love roller coasters. :)


ree said...

Love roller coasters. Mr. Hot stood in line for 3 hours (he, who stands in line for NOTHING) to ride that 9th one from the bottom.

I, however, was blissfully asleep in the lodge and missed it.

Happy Mute Monday.

Joanna Cake said...

Great take! They truly are scientific marvels... but I can only appreciate them from the outside. They make me barf instantly if I try to ride them :)