Monday, July 27, 2009



Buzz Kill said...

Medical toys - nice take. Everyone else was depressing me today with health care mutes. Wonder if Lego makes a doctor kit? The surgeon one needs plastic guts. grrrhahhaha

Happy MM!

Anonymous said...

super cute. have you seen those playmobil d-day and other famous war scenes??

'ol niner

Aunty Belle said...

Ho!! Love this--jes' too adorable, Fishy. The chile in you ain't never gonna grow old. Heh.

h said...

Very cute, indeed. A nice way to start out...Tuesday. Ooops!

Sorry, I'm late.

Happy MM!

moi said...

I could still sit down and play with these – and have a great time :o). Happy "Happy" Medical Mute Monday!

Jenny said...

Dang it! I wish I had thought of this. :-) A little music, some nice transitions... and you got a video Fishy!

fishy said...

Hi Buzz,
A little fun to destress on the subject seemed like a good idea.

I love all the Playmobil, I like it all but the Pirate Ship is really fun, even comes with a deserted island.

Aunty Belle,
You is one smart lady, I hope to never lose the chile within! I reckon some of those clan chillens you know would love this stuff.

Levity is good even on Tuesdays!

Moi...did you check out those nurses shoes?

If only!

Unknown said...

OOOOH! I missed you on mute monday. This is toooo stinkin' cute! Lots of fun.