Wednesday, July 15, 2009



Pam said...

Oh you nailed summer for sure! I miss lots of these things too ... mostly the time to enjoy them!

Haiku Master said...

Wow! That was awesome and worth the wait. Not sure about the small child astride the massive beast but the rest looks like good clean fun!

Happy Mute (monday).

Jenny said...

love these. Especially the night sky shot and the two boys jumping off the dock at sunset. It's been a long time since I've felt that "free". Wonderful pictures. I love the idea of the Ice Cream Truck, but the one that comes through my neighborhood plays HORRIBLE loud music. By the time they get to my street, I'm ready to pay them to just stop the music.

:-) Troll is right, worth the wait. Happy MM AND summer.

Buzz Kill said...

Very nice. Just last week I saw an old home-town friend who I haven't seen in years and we reminisced about our summer-long marathon Monopoly games. Those were the days. And watching summer movies too. Speaking of which, a girl cult classic might be .... Mommie Dearest!

Happy MW!

Aunty Belle said...

Oh MY!!

What an enchanting stroll down Summer Lane . Very fine entry--no demerits for late post as this was absolutely worth the wait.

Hope you Floridy visit went swell.

Happy MM!

Aunty Belle said...

Wait--was them MOONFLOWERS growin' along that ole' porch?

Sigh...think I'll sit a spell and wait fer the lightin' bugs.

moi said...

In my mind, summer is always endless. Hope you are enjoying yours!

fishy said...

Me too ... what I wouldn't give for a summer off now!

Master of Haiku,
That little buckaroo looked pretty comfortable on that beast big enough to give a full grown Troll a whirl.

Do you get "lightening bugs" up there in the PNW? When Mermaid was little we had an ice cream truck that incessantly played
"It's a Small World" at volume,
Blowfish was forever threatening to dismember the ice cream man.

Like you, I miss the summer Monopoly marathons ... and maybe all the junk food we had to get us through the games. Truth is, I miss all aspects of what I think of as Classic Summers. SIGH !!!!
Errrrrrr .... I pass on your movie recommendations. I am far more likely to think of Dirty Dancing as a girls summer movie classic.

Hey there Aunty Belle,
glad to see you've got some blogtime and hope that means Granny Cracker is improving.

You have that gardener's eye and yep those are Moonflowers right next to the picture of the Lightening Bugs...cause they both come out on a fine Summer's night!

I would love an e,ndless Summer but it isn't likely to be. I did mention to Blowfish I was feeling a bit deprived cause I have never had a treehouse with a moat and since I have a summertime birthday , he might want to take that comment as a suggestion with no bow required. He just laughed and said it was far more likely I would get a watermelon wedge with
one big candle!

Kymical Reactions said...

I am strangly drawn to that empty theater photo. Like - I can't stop looking at it. I wonder what that means?

fishy said...

Waiting for something good to start?
Looking for a bit of escapism?
An excuse to have hot buttered popcorn? Me....I am ready for a trip to Sliding Rock!

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