Sunday, May 26, 2013

Haiku Monday; Aquatic Life

Hello Haikuers!

I am traveling and,well I just did not get this competition up early.  It is Haiku MONDAY right?
In the beginning, Troll, our founder, posted the subject on Monday morning.  Later, to accommodate time zones, international players and deep thinkers .... we began posting the subject earlier.  On Sunday!  I am not sure when the subject began being posted on Friday. Part of the challenge was to offer one ( yes just one!) smashing, classic haiku with seasonal reference and a cutting word in a limited time frame.  Looks like  this week I am a throw back to an earlier game and do most sincerely apologize if this has foiled any competitive plans of our players, new or regular.
 Get you game on and lets play!


I  am enjoying my second trip this month to wetlands, islands or shores  along the Atlantic. I have been intrigued and educated at the various Wildlife Refuge ,Preservation or, Interactive learning centers for Pimlico Sound, Albermarle Sound, The Alligator River,  and the Savannah River Basin and the lower Georgia tidal marshes. All have been grande locations for a Fish to visit. The genius  and diversity of these rare and priceless ecosystems is a present to us all. If you have not visited these areas, I would recommend them each and every one.

I gave much consideration to the importance of Memorial Day when selecting the subject for our game.
Because memorial Day falls on the last Monday of May, we have had this subject in the past. Still, it is so important we recognize those men and women who have forfeited their lives so we may all hear freedom ring. May we never take these gifts for granted.

Write as many haiku as you like, but please indicate just two for your competitive entries. Classic 5, 7, 5 format please and yes, I expect all you smart players to  write a Haiku which requires the brilliant use of kigo and kireji .  It is Haiku Monday not Poetic Monday  so lets write haiku please. As a twist, I invite you all to also include one haiku about Memorial Day. I will select  the top three entries and will then decide the
win-place-show  placements by using the Memorial Day haiku as the decider.

God Bless America


Doom said...
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Michael W said...

Deeper than always.
The sun just a faint legend.
Deep, deep, dark and cool.

Rebecca said...

here are mine first is for aquatic life second for Memorial Day have fun judging my friend. Visuals will be up tomorrow should you want to look.

sunrise or sunset
seaweed chains break, jump for joy
smile freedom at last

raindrops taste of salt
river bleeds red with heartache
a high price was paid

darkfoam said...

dewey morning walk
sunkissed mist rises off pond
but coffee beckons

(camping in the deep woods close to a pond..
This happened this morning)

BlazngScarlet said...

Rows and rows of white
Small flags unfurled in honor
Freedom isn't free

I know that's not the exact subject, but it's where my mind and my heart is today.

darkfoam said...

They called him The Kid..
A gunner in The Big Red..
At heart a fisher

(my dad at 17)

Rafael said...

Congrats on your WIN, Fushy! Awesome per usual!

For the theme:

Summer's sav'ry scent
Sweetens water's aqua life
Seasoned fresh, by God

For my Pop:

Hollow footfalls grave
Guns salute and bugles blare
Silently we pray

Be blessed this Memorial Day


Miss Angie said...

I wrote three on my blog but here are the two for judging:

Climb out on the rock
Peer into the depths Below
What waits beneath waves?

Swimming In the Sea
Something moves against my leg
Fish scales bring on Squeals

Anonymous said...

Lovely subject Fishy, and near to your heart, too.

I have just returned from some playing of my own, up in our mountains. The snow still blocks some roads, but others allowed access to favorite places. In one I found an old friend.

She’s springtime Ouzel.
Not merely “Dipper”. Unique.
Walks under water.

Her portrait can be found at

I'll have to see if another occurs later.

My flag waves today for the fallen, but also for those who returned after serving our country and preserving our freedom. said...

Hi Fishy,

Here are my two additional entries.

Trout rainbow -- speed, grace.
SPLASH! Sudden death grip…Osprey!
Nestlings need fresh food.

We had this very scene swoop in front of us yesterday, with a pause on a gatepost just yards from us before continuing to a huge stick nest!

Submariner lost.
Japs’ torpedo...then silence.
Mom still mourns cousin.

May the crew of the USS CORVINA rest in peace. 11/16/1943

Anonymous said...

p.s. I gave you three - two normal, one Memorial Day related based on how I understood your rules.


fishy said...

where did you go??????

Are you a diver? The change from the hot of sunbathing to the cool of deep water has always been a favorite experience. As a kid, I would lie on hot concrete at pools edge, face up to the sun and stay until I felt like I was burning, then I would roll, full length, into the pool and let myself sink to coolest bottom waters.

Nice job of connecting the Freedom themes!

A pond! I am a dewey morning girl myself but my caffeine fix is tea not coffee.

My Dad, like yours, went to war as a teenager. I think those who came home returned wise beyond their years. Does Dad still fish?

Blazing Scarlet,
You are right, the price for freedom is great. I hope your day, in memorial to these immense gifts, was satisfying.

I love being intoxicated by the scents of Summer. Now, with the Jasmines, Magnolias and Honsysuckle in bloom our Pond smells like a hint of Heaven.

Miss Angie,
This weekend what was swimming beneath the surf were jellyfish! Ick!

I love the squeals of Summer children.

Your haiku make me want to visit your region. Clearly you love and respect all Nature...what a great way to live!

Cousins are special people. Good for your Mom she has never let loose of this one. A Submariner in 1943 was the bravest of the brave and should be memorialized for all time.

Absolutely you did understand the guidelines correctly.

As usual there is much to be experienced from every offering. Later today I will do the hard work of picking our winner for this week.

Doom said...

Oh, well, I wrote one, but... It was way off topic! I'm trying to get two water heaters, a funky kitchen faucet, and a toilet installed this week, on top of cleaning a bit, all in the next few days for my mom who is visiting. So... my bean isn't... staying on track. Body feels like a... hey... that might work too... salmon at the end of the run. I can't... focus on the topic. But I am taking hot showers again, finally! :p

Oh, fie, I did write another one, but it isn't exactly on topic either, exactly. But, fine.


Season of design.
Jormungand knows his task, does.
An end- Beginnings.

Just for your request. And in tradition. Uhrm, if late. Count or not, no matter.

Damn the Torpedoes

Slip the stream, fly water.
Over rock, up the mountain, swim-
Live hard to die well.

Rafael said...


Some fabulous poems came out of this holiday weekend, though mine did have a few typos, thanks to big, man hands and a not so smart smart phone. Didn't mean to type Fushy, but I assume you got the drift of the matter. However, most importantly, I meant to type "Pop's Pop", as it was he who died in Vietnam:(

Good luck with this judging stuff...HAHAHAHAHAHAHA



darkfoam said...

Just got back from camping a bit ago. I was amazed to be able to submit haiku. I barely received a signal.
My dad actually passed away when I was seven. He did love to fish though. All the brothers did.
You have a good showing here. have fun judging .. :~)

Michael W said...

@Fishy --- I'm not a diver, but I so love deep water.