Friday, July 8, 2011


there is beauty in power

there is beauty in hope

there is beauty in  courage

there is beauty in  purpose


Aunty Belle said...

Indeed thar' is! Smashing good post, Fishy!

Karl said...

Good afternoon Fishy,

A great set of shots. It would've been fun to attend at a distance. I don't do crowds.

Thank you for the river ride, it was funny enough to put a stitch in my side;)

fishy said...

I saw you were showing some appreciation for this awesome accomplishment over at the Porches.
Yeah USA! ( Isn't too often I get to say that these days, especially with the games they are playing in Washington this week)

I am not fond of crowds either.
Funny thing is I think of your location as being congested all the time. I reckon it's because there are only about 4 million people in this entire state. I need a sense of space to stay sane.

I tried to convince Blowfish we should trailer the party barge down to FL, and watch from the water. He thought that was such a crazy thought he nearly called the white jackets to come fetch me.

Glad you enjoyed the river ride.
I did too, but I'm not sure I will outlive my new nicknames :-(