Monday, December 28, 2009

Antiquing in "France"

I made it over to the higher elevations before the Winter closings. In many of these wonderful Mountain Retreat villages, businesses close between Thanksgiving and Easter. One of my adored haunts is a horrid generic building which houses wonderous things. The owner is as charming as her objects. She spends the off season here, stockpiling wonderful things in her Paris warehouse to send here for our next "season". She has a great mixture of formal, informal, urban and rural, precious pieces with history and architectural salvage from the march of "progress". Thought I would share with my blogger friends.



fishy said...

Well, I wasn't IN France.
France was oh so cleverly brought to me. I yearn to have the necessary zeroes to buy that darling little bronze musician, certainly the horse and that last angel would be very welcome to come reside here at the Pond!

What did you like?

Savannah said...

Your 3 favourites were exactly the same as mine Fishy though I could have gone nuts and bought many of the things I saw in those pics.....if I was rich...which I'm not. One can dream though.

What a wonderful find. I love it when things are all thrown together in a seemingly random way and then you don't miss anything. Just wonderful and thanks so much for sharing.

sparringK9 said...

lots of cool stuff! what did you buy? i liked the arrows of brass (?) and the birdcages and nests. all of it really. id love to visit here.

hi gypsy.

happy new year

Aunty Belle said...

Heh---oooh is ya a very devious Fishy? Does I KNOW that place? Is it barely over yore stateline to the north?

I likes that scrolly iron bed! Of course, the angel always goes home wif Aunty.

Jenny said...

Chandeliers. I love the chandelier. I love chandeliers in general. What a super cool place and I want to know what K9 wants to know... what did YOU buy?

fishy said...

Well we ARE rich in other ways, right? Have a happy and blessed New Year.

Those French folk have a passion for the natural world. Lots of things like driftwood, bowls of river rocks, dried greenery, bird nests , and did you see that preserved BlueJay?

does ya get up to the Carolinas?
This here place is right tucked up in the triangle where the borders of the Carolinas meet up with Georgia. That bed is beautiful and it is cast iron, like a granny skillet, and very heavy indeed. Actually there was a pair of them angels and they are big, more than 3 feet tall coming from an estate chapel. I recommended to a client she consider these to be adapted for use flanking her main fireplace or as her newell posts at the Foyer stairs. Least ways if she buys this piece of Heaven
I can a visit 'em every now and again :-)

They had only a few chandeliers, done in metal or wood, in botanical motifs. Very interesting. They also had some older candliers which we now use a good bit in outdoor living spaces, in pergolas, arbors and sometimes we just hang em from the branch of a convenient tree!

I didn't actually buy anything this trip. I would love to apprentice myself to this woman for a year or so, just to learn how she acquires and navigates customs and all that. So very interesting. I visit a similar place when I am in the Bluegrass.
The owner/designer there told me she can only do this because she has a " rich, indulgent hubby". Sometimes she might have a piece for as long as 3 years before it is placed. You multiply that times lots of square footage and it is not hard to imagine how much money is tied up long term. You can't be in a hurry to turn your profits. I just do not have the pockets to own this sort of business. I am tickled when one of my clients acquire the goods.

moi said...

So many lovely things, but that painted wrought iron (?) day bed calls my name the loudest.

pam said...

The wooden headboard (?) with the spindles used in the unusual way ... love LOVE that! Hold it for me please! :)

fishy said...

that amazing bed is CAST iron rather than wrought iron. It spoke to me as well but alas, no beds are needed here at the Pond.

I have clients with a second home here who live primarily out your way. Wow do they send pictures of very interesting finds from antiques around the Kansas City area.

Do you and Kym enjoy this activity? Occasionally Mermaid and I get to spend an afternoon in this way and it is always a treasured experience. That kid of mine has a great eye for scale and proportion. Must come from studying all those equine conformations!

Pam said...

Fishy, we haven't had an antiquing day, that might be very interesting indeed. She gravitates toward goldy sparkly things, unlike her mum. I'm sure your mermaid was trained by her mom very well, horses aside!

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